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March 28, 2007

Surprise surprise!

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PS: update the cheerleading video to the longer version one. I have no idea why did youtube cut off my old one=(

So yesterday, I went home to do my own stuff. And the door bell rang and irritated me from my very-zombitic state.

I looked at that man through my cctv, I do not know him at all!, I thought.

And so I asked.

And grolly gracious.

It’s special delivery for me!=)

A bouquet of 24.

It is not even valentines or anything!!!

And it comes in a vase!! ha


I betcha the person who sent me the flowers know me sooooo well. That I am a lazy bum, and all of the flowers sent to me in a bouquet have usually short miserable lives..


Am very touched.

And couldn’t stop smiling.

The next step is….

To try to have faith.

And this is the tough part.

There’s no better way to say I love you than to say it with flowers right? hahha. hmmm… or with Tiffany’s…=P



March 26, 2007


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Went to Cheerobics over the weekend!=)

NUS Kentridge hall.

It’s sissy’s baby event=)

I mean, this event was my sister’s blood and sweat. So we had to catch it, for the good old times!

NTU Aces

We managed to squeeze our way through the crowd.

The one thing I love about cheerleading is the sunny happy vibrant spirit!!=)

oh, NTU Aces won!! very very proud of them!! A crowd disappointer is Ngee Ann Poly Magnum. They screwed up such a big time that they are not even in the top 3’s??


March 23, 2007


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So tonight is darryl’s big night. and we are all invited to his wedding.

So in the morning before I leave the house. I did….*cough* the good old cam whoring! ha.

so there!




Have a lovely weekend ahead my lovely ones!=)

PS: Sis and me hate the potted plants at the balcony!!!!grrr….

March 22, 2007

For your amusement…

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Here’s a picture of me. In the helmet and stuff. ha.

All for this new project I am working on.=)

oh, that happens to be Circle line for all of you, my honeybuns!!

I supposed it can be amusing to you right?

HA. It was fun!

But I am sure it is only fun because it is the start. oh well. hahahaa.

March 19, 2007

Thoughts of the future…

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Still thinking and pondering about my future.

Well, at least my career segment of my life is very clear now. It has never been so clear!=) This is the fruit of meditating in my toilet (=P, disgusting yah. hehe.. but HEY! it has an unblocked view! PLUS a view of the sea=)) AND trashing it out with sissy.

I have decided to do an MBA instead of an MIH. Reason being, I will be more flexible in the future. yup!

That is for the future.

For relationships. ha. we shall see!

What else…

I wonder anyone of you are great in minesweeper???=P

Since I have beaten the minesweeper king in minesweeper a couple of times. HAHAHA. oops. (she is so going to throw her crown at me!)

I welcome new challengers!!=)

Please make sure you are better than the minesweeper king, before challenging me.

I hate to trash people, and stampede on egos.=) And I hate to win effortlessly.

See? I am sugar and spice and everything nice!


yesyes, sis and I had a great bonding time playing minesweeper over msn!=)

sissy & I fought hard!!=)

oh, one backdated one. on CNY 2007.

Ha. my sis was saying something like:
Can’t believe we are counting down in niu che shui can?!

And people around were busily whipping out their handphones to take a video/picture. Me included!


How Singaporean I am!

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