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February 26, 2007

Fighting Aging-obesity

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Saturday late afternoon, we had an unexpected guest in the form of my one and only (male) big sister-Mel.

Sissy was working and me packing, then Mel decided to drop by our messy messy little new habitat.

Then we blew like 2 hours *cough* complaining and whining about growing fat! haha..

Yesyes, some of you that I only got to know recently => the past 2-3 years, might think otherwise. None of you sweeties could quite associate me to fat. But really. it is so true!

Mel is also looking really skinny. But we have definitely expanded a significant amount since JC/uni days.

Mel was spotting a trim trim waist of 23-24 inches, no kidding! But now.. heh.. I shouldn’t reveal his waist size.

Almost all of my JC classmates have..erhmm.. expanded. Well this is a class-ful of sportsmen and sportswomen!! (or perhaps…WAS) ha.

Even our fittest sportsman (shalln’t reveal their names.. don’t want to be bad to my dear friends!!) has his 8 very defined packs, reduced into a not-so-defined 6 packs.

Is it inevitable to go through this aging obesity?!?!?! Isn’t it bad enough to be aging?!?!=( *pouts*

On one hand, I can’t even eat the same amount as I used to eat. BUT alas, on the other hand, I put on weight much much easily.

Seriously. Can heaven be more lenient on us, aging people???

Pretty please.


So anyway, I have decided to swim at night. But the first time was with sissy, so it wasn’t so bad. Then I realised, swimming alone at night can be kind of scary, when it is really dark with almost no lighting at all!!

PLUS, I can’t sleep well with wet hair, for fear of waking up with bad hair the next day. SO SO SO, I’ve decided to swim every morning instead! Have to wake up at 6am though. Toughie!

and at night, if ever I can reach home earlier than 10pm, I will hit the gym!

YEAH that’s the plan.

I WANT my 24-inches back!!!!! Jiayou (to myself, ha)!


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