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February 22, 2007

Love is in the air~

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He said, ‘Do you want to see what I got for you?’

I shook my head lazily, thinking back at all the ridiculous things that he had gotten for me in the past (that are not in my wish list, seriously a wish list is there for a reason, as I am a difficult person to satisfy, i.e. almost no one will be able to buy things that I like independently).

He insisted. And insisted. And excitedly shoved this ball of stuff in front of me.

I opened up the layers of bags slowly, formulating how I am supposed to act after I see the disappointing gift (YES! I convienently assumed!=P).

There it is. That familiar cyan paper bag.

In it, lies perfectly wrapped with a white satin ribbon, that familiar cyan box.



Gosh, I’ve melted beyond words. I was lost for words.

He looked at me with his puppy eyes. And asked with a tinge of fear in his voice, ‘You don’t like it…?’.

Ha. Gosh, I must have scared him the previous times when he bought some things that came quite close to be labelled as crap.

I replied. With a kiss.

I didn’t say it then, but I am going to say it now…

Yes, dear. I truly ruly love it. 😉

PS: oh, I thought it was the same one as chenwei’s. but no, its the newer version, bigger.=)


Valentines came and went.

Last year, Chenwei and me were bitching about how cliche it is to give flowers for valentines. Sometimes men just need to be more creative?

As you bitch, unpleasant things will find their way to you. Like Chenwei had a huge bouquet sent to her office. And me, a bouquet to my office. And we had to hide our flowers in paperbags to avoid embarassment and cliche-ness.

So anyway last year, with no one to spend v-day with, I’ve spent v-day with my driving instructor=>learning driving!

Anyway. I realised I am still very traditional. I will still wish for at least a stalk for rose from time to time.=) There is no need for a huge bouquet for me! Surely, I do not want to burn a hole in the pocket of my dearest SO(significant other). A small gesture goes a long way with me. It is really the effort and thought that count! Life is so much rosier with romance in the air!!

But of course, the only flowers that I hope to receive, are from the person I want to receive the flowers from.

Haiz, but. This year, he did not get me any flowers. Someone else did. Marking my 10th year of valentines with flowers from men (friends don’t count here).

I thought I hated flowers for Valentines. But really. I just hated flowers from anonymous people or people I simply have no feelings for/dislike.

With the person you love beside you, I felt weird without flowers in my hands. heh.

But, oh well, the Tiffany’s necklace managed to rub off my sore spot in no time! (of course)


It is just too bad that everyone in the market is trying to leverage on this romance filled day. But this shouldn’t be the reason why we should feel negatively towards it, and stop celebrating love, just for the sake of celebrating!

I love you all! Friends and family too!


An unpleasant message follows:

You, I can be quite sure that you are reading this, though you are not promised not to.

You can continue to act as much as you want to.

You think that sending anonymous flowers is the way to go? what are you trying to achieve by your extremely freaky and gross card?

of course cleverly and merticulously made from magazine cut outs.

How many times do I have to tell you that it is extremely impossible between us? You are forcing me to be the meanest person who I do not want to be.

Seriously how stupid do you think I am? Fine if you want to act as if it was not you who is behind all this shit.

I simply hate you invading my privacy. I hate EVERY SINGLE gaze from you. They give me goosebumps WITHOUT FAIL.

My only wish? For you to disappear from my life. As much as I know that it is impossible for the situation that we are in. I hope to have as little contact with you as possible. I am extremely uninterested in talking to you, or even saying ‘Hi’. I am only keen on business stuff. NO unnecessary contacts are desired.

Thank you very much for understanding. I have my lovely life to lead.

FYI: I do not like blue roses anymore. *roll eyes*

To other readers:

Did I scare you all? I am usually a fluffy bunny, but someone just has to cross the line. Mentally unstable I think. A maniac I would say.

I really have no choice.


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