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January 30, 2007

SPG explained=P & Super duper busy!

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Big bear hugs go out to people who
showered care on me
(yes, I saw your Emails and SMSes and messages:))
, through this very
short and tough period.=)

More hugs go out to.. Chenwei,Yezhong, Zuzu, Huihui, Sissy, Jiajin,
Noel, Paul & Huyen (although not all know the existance of this blog=P)

I love you all!!!

Sometimes do you find you asking yoursef:
Why asian men can’t get white chicks?
Why asian girls like white men?
Why why why?
And what about the indian men?

ha. Oops. all these are sounding more and more racist. The answers are in this video! ha. Have fun!=P

I am joking, and you all know that!!!


Been reallieee reallieee busy!

Rather upbeat with all the stuff going on in my life.

Yup, I was kind of ..hmm.. upset earlier.

And I’ve got it all settled. As in. there are too many things to decide and think about.

I think I came to a certain conclusion last Thursday. For the career.

And another conclusion on Saturday. For something else=P

Happy. Quite happy now.

Busily packing my stuff! We are moving this weekend!! AH… so many many things to do and confirm!

I realised it is really not easy to pack our house!=P A big house to a condo.

Even our garden needs packing!!! help!~~

Some misc pictures of the original condo. without renovation.

Oh also! My dear doting parents bought me and sissy a car! I hope I do not sound too spoilt.

But I am so extremely happy!! oh did I mention already? I passed my driving!! ha. Let me repeat lar!=P

It’s a beautiful Mica Red car.

We went there thinking of buying the most affordable Toyota VIOS. But…. the Altis is so tempting. So in the end, we’ve got an Altis instead. :p Very pretty and much more spacious too!

Well, I think if I were to buy a car on my own, I would most probably buy a KIA picanto. Small and cute! And affordable too!

Yup, but no car in Singapore can qualify as affordable. ha. That’s why. I am feeling so excited!

However the car might take up to 3 months to reach us:( oh, please, can we have it before new year??

Can’t wait to start our new life in our new home!!!!

I bought new goggles (dun’t know where are my old ones, probably spoilt) and new swimwear! Will be swimming very very often!!!! And going to my gym too!!

No. Did not buy a bikini lar. I am a conservative lady.;)

Bought a tankini. plain.

*Embrace my new life!*


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