The girl who laughed too much, too loud

January 24, 2007

Literally..pensons a l’avenir

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Somehow, I feel that I am in a mess right now.

I feel like this little guppy who needs to brave the polluted and congested waters, before reaching paradise.

Tired. I have been tired for some time. I seem to lose the drive.

Disappointed. Can’t help feeling a little disappointed in myself, losing the drive and not giving the best in whatever I do. However, it is kind of difficult to give a 100% always, especially if the “thing” is something that you are obliged to do, rather than something that you love to do.

No passion. I find it really hard to push myself on.

Hence a decision has been made. But well, indecisive me, after hearing some inputs from some people, retracted my decision again.

Ha. Sometimes I am frustated and amused at myself at the same time.

I know which path will bring me happiness. To be clear, there are 2 paths that could lead to happiness.

Possible relationship contentment/definite advance towards your professional goals.

I wonder.

You, my friend, which path will you choose?

Because of the recent tight slap of reality on my face, I have never seen my goals clearer.

ASAP=> preparation for change

In 5 months => preparation for education.

God knows how long the to-do list will be.

Some poor quality pictures. Clearing my pictures=)

Outing with my JC mates.

There is just too much in my head to blog coherently.


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