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January 23, 2007

Real bimbotism is costly & 累

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Saturday ( or was it Sunday?), sissy shoved me this newspaper article, about Chinese fan doing this “hate Rainie Yang” campaign.

What happened was…

on this program which Rainie hosts with Jacky Wu, they started talking about the Japanese occupation of China..

So, Rainie went like.. she do not know how long the occupation lasted.

Jacky went: 8 years.

Rainie: oh, only 8 years?

Jacky went: but almost 300,000 people died.

Rainie: oh, only 300,000 people?

And this ignited anti-Rainie emotions across China. Seriously. Firstly, she lack general knowledge, she doesn’t even know her own history. Secondly, she lacks the EQ to respond in a empathetic manner (even if she doesn’t feel that way).

I know many people do not care about their own heritage, or even their own language. And that is.. real bimbotism.

And real bimbotism is costly.



Sunday is spent coming up with this medication system for poor grandma… *reminds self* stay healthy and keep fit!


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