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January 16, 2007

Babies & Wars

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Last weekend, we went to KK, my birth place, to see Sabrina, and her little girl.

Seriously before I went, I was like thinking, how am I supposed to act. Cause you see, everyone wants to hear good things about their babies, like how cute, etc.

But my thoughts are: ALL babies look the same! gosh. REALLY! They are just like.. reddish, puffy eyes and all, with little hair.

My mum can barely tell the difference between mine and my sis’s baby pictures!=P


So. I was like preparing myself to coo ‘Oh, so cute’ and other frivolous compliments that I have absolutely no sweat in churning out, hahaa.. due to my complimentary nature.

Then the baby was pushed in. Right in front of me.

I was so moved that I almost teared.

She is beautiful. Probably the cutest thing I have ever seen, as of last weekend 2007.

But now, I look at the pictures that I took. She looks like any other regular baby all over again!

If you don’t believe, look!


.Any regular baby.


But I remembered when I was there, she was like… an angel! wrapped like a cocoon.

So. ha. I realised that in fact, I DO have some maternal instincts left!=P

And, may I add that shopping after with Shifu was as hopeless as…teaching a one day old baby to speak?

=P (again, i love u in whatever you wear dearest!)

After some life lessons, I learnt to be very careful with the wars that I choose to fight. Not all wars are neccessary.

And it is really ok sometimes to lose, to eat the humble pie, or to not care and “close one eye” (another of those irritating singaporean slang yah..ha).

Especially towards my parents, I said many sorries just to make them happy sometimes. and it is ok for me already, though extremely hard for someone like me. haha.

I seem to have chosen to fight this one. That I am not even sure I should be fighting for. I really hope she will understand someday. It is not as if I will definitely choose this path, it is just that I do not want other factors to affect me making my decision.

Else really. I might just remain single all my life and forget about it.



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