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January 12, 2007

An Acquaintance & wee! Baby names

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Well. well.

Yesterday I hanged out with Chenwei. So happy to have her back from taipei! Missed her! PLUS she is going to offer me tribute:P in terms of my favourite taiyang bing! and other misc masks (or so she said).

The taiyang bings Elgin brought back for me the other time were almost 1/2 consumed by mummy dearest. Then I realised mummy likes taiyangbings too. And I offered some to chenwei. So in the end, I ate about 3-4 of them. boo. Not enough!:P

At the end of the night. I got a little upset.

I wonder if you all will feel the same way.

If you were to leave the country for a prolonged period of time, surely you will let your friends know right? (well, even Chris dearest will drop me a msg before he boards the plane!) Well, he didn’t. Until I called him yesterday with chenwei.

So I wonder, are we plainly acquaintances? or friends?

Oh well. It is kind of sad when someone regards you as an acquaintance and, in turn, you treat him as your friend? I am not really expecting any thing from him. Just to at least let me know that he is going off? and perhaps a good meet up before he leaves?

I mean. I miss all my friends. And I will miss him too.

Wow. Whatever.

So now I know how to handle people like him better!

So I got upset yesterday. I need to keep these kind of people at a distance really. I do not want to lose faith in humankind. I would still want to believe everyone is nice!=)

I guess it did not come at the right time. Especially when someone stole my handphone from me on saturday. Yes I was careless.

But before, when I lost my handphone, it will eventually find its way back to me, all thanks to the lovely people in Singapore! *hugs*

But this time it did not. And I am pretty upset with the world already.


Naive, you say?

I prefer to be a nice person. and I believe in Retribution.

At least I did not do anything morally wrong by stealing someone’s phone!!


Oh oh oh.

I just thought of the purrrfect baby name for my little girl!

(oh do not roll your eyes!! Yes I am not married. Yes I am not going to marry soon. and Yes I am definitely NOT pregnant. and not planning to be pregnant anytime soon, nor before my wedding!)

I just have this feeling that I will have a little girl! HAHA.

Why do celebrities’ children have weird names like Loudres, Paris, Brooklyn etc??!?!

I want mine to be named: Élysée!

So Perfect right? I know!

Ok, I know you french people are going to laugh. But at least the Singaporeans do not really know what it is, and hence will think that it sounds nice!

No copying ok? (I will come and hunt you and your baby down!) I love this name!

I did some research and realised that it is a good name after all! Its english translation is Elysian.


“The Elysian fields, or sometimes Elysian plains, were the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous.”

“Biblical scholars have suggested that Elysion may derive from Elisha, who was, according to Genesis, a son of Yawan (Iouan, forefather of the Ionians) and one of the ancestors of the Greeks. Elisha may have been worshipped as a god by his earliest descendents.:


Still nice.


To show my commitment to the name.

I shall now change my alias to Élysée.

Whaha.. okokok.

Vous, les francais=> Ne riez pas!!!!! Merci beaucoup. ha.




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