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January 11, 2007

Clovers report! & My Fair Lady & GMAT puzzles!

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Ok people!

I’ve got good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first??=)


Well, I don’t know for you. For me, its definitely the bad news first. You know the bitterness first, then the sweet stuff concept. Ha.


Bad news is….

Flora is kinda dead…='(

AND so is minnie too..

For Minnie, I think she is long gone. But for Flora. I think she died due to the lack of water over the New year and Hari Raya holiday period. 😥

Yup, can see the little grown out parts dried up.

Thats all for the bad news!

Now the good news!

Minnie 2.

Look how tall she has grown! this is a 2 week old Minnie 2. Instructions has it that I am supposed to migrate her to a bigger pot after she hits 5 cm. Which she did!

So today I’ve just migrated her. I hope it went well! cos it is not easy migrating.

Sighs. these 4-leaved clovers are so delicate!!! (think the 2 deceased ones)

Look at the beautiful clovers forming!!

I really hope it don’t die after migration!


Oh. so we watched my Fair Lady on Sunday.

The good english-british slang is kinda beyond comprehension!!

But the bad english-british slang is baddd badd badd!!! We almost couldn’t understand a thing!

There are 3 nice songs, in my opinion. But according to sissy, there are none. ha. She’s even stricter than me!

But we both agreed that the musical is really not good enough. Namely, there are too many talking scenes, making it more like a drama than a musical. Its really a musical for goodness’ sake! We got bored when the actors/actresses are plainly talking.

Stage setup+costumes is .. ok: 4/10
Chereography…: 7/10
Music: 5/10 (awfully lacking of songs! but I gave it 5, because of the live orchestra, and I liked the vocal ensemble of some songs!)
Vocals: 7/10
Storyline: 4/10

Songs to listen are: Wouldn’t it be lovelier, Just a lil’ bit of luck, I could have danced all night.

Yup. Good that we did not buy too expensive seats. We upgraded our seats on our own:P



Out with Jiajin yesterday! He concluded that I had gastric flu. *nods* I think I want to agree. But the doctor did not say so.

Oh well. I don’t care now. But I still experienced stomach pain today.


Was talking about GMAT. I was telling him, I am not good enough. yet. It is not really like SAT where Singaporeans are expected to Ace the maths part. Or maybe I am just not good enough!


Here are some GMAT Quantitive questions as requested! Allow 2 minutes max per question. Remember timing is very important!

First, the answer choices are as below:
A. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) alone is not sufficient.
B. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) alone is not sufficient.
C. BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
D. EACH statement ALONE is sufficient.
E. Statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient.

Question 1:
If (x+y)/z > 0, is x<0?

(1) x is smaller than y
(2) z is smaller than 0

Question 2:
In a certain classroom, there are 80 books, of which 24 are fiction and 23 are written in Spanish. How many of the fiction books are written in Spanish?

(1) Of the fiction books, there are 6 more that are not written in Spanish than are written in Spanish.
(2) Of the books written in Spanish, there are 5 more nonfiction books than fiction books.

Question 3:
Last year the average salary of the 10 employees of Company X was $42,800. What is the average salary of the same 10 employees this year?

(1) For 8 of the 10 employees, this year’s salary is 15% greater than last year’s salary.
(2) For 2 of the 10 employees, this year’s salary is the same as last year’s salary.

Have fun! and post ur answers if you wish;) (ESP u JJ)


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