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January 31, 2007

The biggest fashion mistakes: with leggings

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With leggings coming into the fashion scene.

Comes different leggings.

And also. Tunic-lengthed tops arrived aplenty on the racks.

So. This caused a lot of confusion with some women here.

We were horrified when we see things like:

Leggings with short/normal length tops. WHAT is this???

Obsence I say! so obsence! you can see the exact shape of the ass and all.


Or. even. Tunic length tops WITHOUT leggings!

OMG. what is this? How can people wear these as dresses?!?

No one is as crazy to wear a dress so short? Our jaw dropped. yup when we saw women do this. It is so freaking short.

A big minus is of course, cellulite and all.


Please women. The right way to attract attention is not dressing like a slut!

Goodness gracious.


January 30, 2007

SPG explained=P & Super duper busy!

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Big bear hugs go out to people who
showered care on me
(yes, I saw your Emails and SMSes and messages:))
, through this very
short and tough period.=)

More hugs go out to.. Chenwei,Yezhong, Zuzu, Huihui, Sissy, Jiajin,
Noel, Paul & Huyen (although not all know the existance of this blog=P)

I love you all!!!

Sometimes do you find you asking yoursef:
Why asian men can’t get white chicks?
Why asian girls like white men?
Why why why?
And what about the indian men?

ha. Oops. all these are sounding more and more racist. The answers are in this video! ha. Have fun!=P

I am joking, and you all know that!!!


Been reallieee reallieee busy!

Rather upbeat with all the stuff going on in my life.

Yup, I was kind of ..hmm.. upset earlier.

And I’ve got it all settled. As in. there are too many things to decide and think about.

I think I came to a certain conclusion last Thursday. For the career.

And another conclusion on Saturday. For something else=P

Happy. Quite happy now.

Busily packing my stuff! We are moving this weekend!! AH… so many many things to do and confirm!

I realised it is really not easy to pack our house!=P A big house to a condo.

Even our garden needs packing!!! help!~~

Some misc pictures of the original condo. without renovation.

Oh also! My dear doting parents bought me and sissy a car! I hope I do not sound too spoilt.

But I am so extremely happy!! oh did I mention already? I passed my driving!! ha. Let me repeat lar!=P

It’s a beautiful Mica Red car.

We went there thinking of buying the most affordable Toyota VIOS. But…. the Altis is so tempting. So in the end, we’ve got an Altis instead. :p Very pretty and much more spacious too!

Well, I think if I were to buy a car on my own, I would most probably buy a KIA picanto. Small and cute! And affordable too!

Yup, but no car in Singapore can qualify as affordable. ha. That’s why. I am feeling so excited!

However the car might take up to 3 months to reach us:( oh, please, can we have it before new year??

Can’t wait to start our new life in our new home!!!!

I bought new goggles (dun’t know where are my old ones, probably spoilt) and new swimwear! Will be swimming very very often!!!! And going to my gym too!!

No. Did not buy a bikini lar. I am a conservative lady.;)

Bought a tankini. plain.

*Embrace my new life!*

January 24, 2007

Literally..pensons a l’avenir

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Somehow, I feel that I am in a mess right now.

I feel like this little guppy who needs to brave the polluted and congested waters, before reaching paradise.

Tired. I have been tired for some time. I seem to lose the drive.

Disappointed. Can’t help feeling a little disappointed in myself, losing the drive and not giving the best in whatever I do. However, it is kind of difficult to give a 100% always, especially if the “thing” is something that you are obliged to do, rather than something that you love to do.

No passion. I find it really hard to push myself on.

Hence a decision has been made. But well, indecisive me, after hearing some inputs from some people, retracted my decision again.

Ha. Sometimes I am frustated and amused at myself at the same time.

I know which path will bring me happiness. To be clear, there are 2 paths that could lead to happiness.

Possible relationship contentment/definite advance towards your professional goals.

I wonder.

You, my friend, which path will you choose?

Because of the recent tight slap of reality on my face, I have never seen my goals clearer.

ASAP=> preparation for change

In 5 months => preparation for education.

God knows how long the to-do list will be.

Some poor quality pictures. Clearing my pictures=)

Outing with my JC mates.

There is just too much in my head to blog coherently.

January 23, 2007

Real bimbotism is costly & 累

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Saturday ( or was it Sunday?), sissy shoved me this newspaper article, about Chinese fan doing this “hate Rainie Yang” campaign.

What happened was…

on this program which Rainie hosts with Jacky Wu, they started talking about the Japanese occupation of China..

So, Rainie went like.. she do not know how long the occupation lasted.

Jacky went: 8 years.

Rainie: oh, only 8 years?

Jacky went: but almost 300,000 people died.

Rainie: oh, only 300,000 people?

And this ignited anti-Rainie emotions across China. Seriously. Firstly, she lack general knowledge, she doesn’t even know her own history. Secondly, she lacks the EQ to respond in a empathetic manner (even if she doesn’t feel that way).

I know many people do not care about their own heritage, or even their own language. And that is.. real bimbotism.

And real bimbotism is costly.



Sunday is spent coming up with this medication system for poor grandma… *reminds self* stay healthy and keep fit!

January 19, 2007

Spongebob.Cereals.Sale.Donuts.Mics stuff!

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Heya all!

This post is going to be really miscellaneous!

Call me easily amused but….

Don’t we all love Patrick? (more than Spongebob?)


No, This is Patrick.


Anw. This morning.

That (^#$&(@$^@ currypuff seller pissed me off yesterday by selling me 3 potato curry puffs, when I told them 3 sardine ones! AND this is NOT the first time!!!! Grrr…

So today I decided to eat my daily cereals again=)
Trying out this new one, cause I finished my own frosties yup..


As you all know, I am moving to my new home soon.

Found some stuff that I might want to sell/give away. Yup=)

Have a look yah!

Starhub topup card
With $18 value.

Muddle-head here bought this card by mistake! grrr.. was supposed to buy the IDD international calling card. So selling this.

Selling price: $8

Empty MD and others..



Not sure if anyone uses these. Except for hardcore music people I guess.
French pocket book: Just enough french

I bought this book before I was posted to Paris. It is from borders, costing $9.95.

This small book is quite incredible, and handy for non-french speakers. Great for those who want to pick up some basic french on their own, or for those who are planning to backup France=)

Apprenez francais tout de suite!=)

Selling at $7.00

I have an incredible amount of nerdy computer engineering books(meaning hardware books like electronics, digital systems, and software books like parallel processing, etc) and other not so hardcore, lower level, mass-market books like…. Visual basic, and some other programming languages books.

Just email me with what you need/want/hope to have, I might be able to give/sell them to at an incredible price too (definitely around $5 for soft covers).

Lovely donuts!

Level 2 Wheelock, toy shop. I went to take pictures for Jinling. yup=)

But they are so cute that I want to post them here! (I think.. Delicia thought they are real donuts…. oopss.=P)




complications regarding penny, PLUS lotsa packing to do this weekend!

Have a good weekend peeps!

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