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December 29, 2006

2006, retrospectively

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Today is the last day of work for this year!

How do I feel?

well. I’ve officially worked 1 year in Singapore! thanks, but no thanks to my poor customer, else I would be in Shanghai now. I wonder when will they get out of their shit? Ah.. politics. I shall leave those to those smarty pants in power suits.

Played a lot recently. =) of course not forgeting working hard too! Will post up pictures later. but now first.

How has 2006 been for me?
Let this organised freak organise her thoughts into different categories.

In no particular order of importance. I am just writing those that are easy to write first.

Was really fat when I came back from France. I think I have knocked off like… 2 kgs since?

Lol. Actually I am not even sure about that. but!
I have:
-woke up and run at 6am in the morning. Like. Twice! (which I felt desperately fat=P)
-took up yoga. Loving it! But doing it only when I have the time only though. like around twice a month yup.
-Bought a tennis racquet but I haven’t played tennis yet! (gosh!, not even once!) will do after I shift into our gorgeous new condo!=)
-Got a pink(!!) yoga mat! for doing yoga at home:) I like. But I actually usually only end up doing my favourite positions only:P ha.
-Wanted to take up ballet again. Contacted the ballet teacher (delicia’s friend) but haven’t got the time to do it yet!!=(

-I started to make vitamins every weekday at least! (ribena at least!!)
-Brought cereals to the office(last week! ha) to have a healthier breakfast. A good switch from the curry puffs and the breakfast mee that I so love!!! ha. =P

-I started to eat better also. I stopped the habit of over-eating (which used to be my favourite hobby! scary rite? I know!)


Well, I’ve learnt a couple of new things regarding the transport sector.

Worked more than 28 hours for the first time. Experiencing the tough life of the IT industry:'(


Went solo on some proposals.

Did some self reflections and planned for my next career move.

So I did:
-Started preparing for my GMAT. aiming to complete it by Jan 2007. Application for Master by 2007.
-Worked on mastering my 3rd language. French. Hmmm.. need more work on this for working professionally french. yup.
-Languages will be an advantage for the hospitality sector. So on top of french, I borrowed jap cds from noel, and bought a jap book from kino. Also, bought a korean learning language package from borders (cos there is a -20% discount 😛 ha). Oh well. all untouched. Haven’t started yet!
-Did some research on hospitality and also, got a kind-of agreement to work for a great hotel after my bond!=) But still looking, =P more options is always better!

-Analysed/planned my parents’ finances
-Analysed/planned my parents’ insurances, to make sure the old ones are well taken care off:)
-House hunt for new habitat! Lotsa time spent. including fengshui and stuff.
-Now designing and renovating the house. PHEW!
-Successfully made time for family every weekend! yay.

-accompanied mum for her facials.
-shopping with mum. and also with sissy=)

-oh. love spending time with sis!! (we just shopped like crazy yesterday. ha. You do not want to see us in action. Believe me:P ha)

The amazing thing about me and sis is. We are probably the closest and sweetest (*cough*) siblings around!!


It is really rare for people to be like us. or even our family.

How many of you have family ‘meetings’? to discuss goals, updates and how you can support each other?
How many of you have yahoogroups for your family?
How many of you have a family wallpaper on your computers?=P


With sis:
How many of you lose sleep while chatting with your sibling?
How many of you know and met most of your siblings’ friends?
How many of you have common friends with your siblings?
etc. yadda yadda.

I love my family a lot.

HA. don’t be too envious ok?=P

(sis helping dad put lip balm)

Even zuzu’s mum is envious ha.=P

Of course there are difficult times. In fact, we have been going through difficult times and more difficult times might be coming. But whatever it will be. We will go through it as a family.

This is what is important.=)

Personal development
-Coached adults
Overcame my own limiting belief that… (laughable, but true) I look kiddy, not serious about anything and also …ha.. bimbotic. Ha. need more work on this! Hey, I am being honest.
-Coached teenagers
Broke my personal belief that it is hard to communicate/gain rapport with teenagers, especially at the rebellious age.
-Coached kids
I do not believe in the ‘reward-giving’ way of teaching kids. Kids are not monkeys/dogs. And I believe I’ve achieved this personal goal of being able to handle children without daggling any carrots.=) *smiles*
-Volunteered at ulu panda
It really opened my eyes to the issues met by other singaporeans that are not in my social circle. Yup. I liked the exposure.=)

Other personal stuff
-started to analyse my insurance.
-Planned my finances
-Started investing

-Expanded VM. Planned for the next expansion next Jan 2007.
Lotsa work. Non-work work. I need to keep my focus!!! and stay motivated.
After the next jan 2007’s expansion, will work hard to keep it stable before expanding! Do not want to expand beyond our abilities.
-Continued with my MU stuff.
There are some things I have in the pipeline for this. I plan to work more on it next year. yes! Need to read more books on this!!!!

Character building

I want to still work on being more:
-compassionate towards others
-be more mindful of the people around
-appreciate all the kindness and goodness showered on me by the people around. I love you peeps!~
my appreciation to u~

Am quite happy with my time management. But could do better, cos the earlier part of the year, I feel I committed myself too much that I can handle.=)

Resulting in tiring out myself. yup.



Next post lar! ha. This is already another annoyingly long post!


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