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December 27, 2006

Indecent SMSes (and A night at the cinema)

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Is everyone doing well?

I sure hope so!

If not, you might feel better now, after reading this post.

One of the bad habits of my male buddies is:

They tend to send me the smses that were supposed to be for their girlies.

Hence making me laugh big time always:P

ha. well, today I’ve received one(or rather SIX!) lovey dovey sms(es), and they are not for me.(sob sob, why oh why are they not for me!?!) This guy only has himself to blame for being so blur right?=P

Hey you, I know you are reading this. No worries! I will censor your name ok?;)

Besides, good stuff like this is meant to be shared amongst friends??;)


If all this crappy convincing talk doesn’t work, you know in your heart, that I love you yah? =)


OK. enough of the mushy things and down to business!

The smses I received today are nowhere comparable to the previous wrong sms I’ve received, which went like this:

“Goodnight my darling beauty. U are so e best for me. I could never dream of another girlfriend. Je t’aime.”

This morning’s set of 6 consecutive smses are sufficient to provoke each and every goosebump on me!!

ha. *giggles*

A little RA, so the kids below 18 should probably go read some other blogs?;P

with my comments in brackets!

Morning! … I don’t wanna sound like a bug, but i’ve been thinking of you a lot(awww so sweet!!) … And i know you’ve been super busy, and you can barely find time for

yourself,so i don’t wanna steal you away from those important things… But almost everytime i’m alone in my room, i think about lifting you on to my

bed and smelling and kissing your neck for hours and hours(really? this only?=P Come on! I know you can do better!!=PpP) … And everytime i lie in my bed,i can imagine you in my arms, sleeping in your princess pose … And when the lights are turned off,i can’t help thinking about the wicked, naked things(OMG!! i think we need the details please!!!wicked huh.. *Respect*) we do to each other that make us both squeal in joy…

I know you have a lot on your mind and so i’ll wait for you, whenever you wanna spend some alone time … I just wanted you to know that i really cherish every

moment of the private time we enjoy … 🙂 (okok, we get it, you enjoy the making out sessions ok?? duh! haha)

WOW phew!

That’s quite a bit to type on my keyboard, imagine Mr Squeal-in-joy smsing the whole thing????=P

Not bad right?

I wonder do girls appreciate smses? or they prefer the face-to-face approach? or via the phone?

For me, hmmm I like all of the above!

I mean. if there is only declaration of love and all those mushy lovey dovey talk via the phone and face-to-face, there seem to be something missing.. (these are the 2 approaches that I experience more frequently)

Loving and affectionate smses are not frequent.

Perhaps men find it difficult to write mushy things like my 2 dear friends above?

But please do! Because for us, besides it being awfully sweet, we can re-read the messages when we are bored, upset with you, or just going through a depression.

And these messages are perfect if you are not able to spend a lot of time with her. At least she gets reminded that you love her and care for her;)

SO, go and sms away guys!! If you wish, you can always direct your smses to me, and i can vett (*cough* i really mean publicize) them for you! 😉

~love is in the air~


The movie was…. kind of stupid.

A night at the cinema.

I am not complaining! Its nice to watch a movie in a cinema of 500(??) knowing approx half of the people there! =)

plus of course. *cough* free is good. ha.

*waves* Nice seeing you cuties(fifi, sera, joyce..huiting..etc.etc…YY..danny..roger..rossy..lydia..weitang..arul..etc..raine-jie..YZ..rach..xf..tracy..pete..david..MC..joelle..noelle..alex..alicia..brenda..eldhi..yiyan..javier..daniel, basically everyone k?) there!!!

Except for. *cough* Cath. Yes she gave me a xmas gift. *hugs!* with a note that says something like:
“Janine loves Alex only, but I love Janine.=) Maybe I should love F**** instead..yadda yadda.. more senseless banter…”

Ha. Let me faint! what an incoherent friend indeed!


Had a good heart-to-heart talk with him til late! 12.40am?

It was nice and I enjoyed it=)

Close and honest heart-to-heart talks with friends are amazing!;)


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