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December 21, 2006

The Gluttonness Highness & cool foreigners!

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Recently, almost all weekends are burnt on my dearest new home.

Lots of work has to be done on it. The design was FINALLY confirmed this week. We really can’t be happier!

So the weekend, me and sissy and mummy went to Ikea Tampines to do some furniture shopping.

I must really commend Ikea. Very thoughtful of them to provide free bottles of mineral bottles!!

And very kind of them to provide chocolate toffees for us poor souls at the shuttle bus queue!

Plus freebies like the little heart-shaped stuff toy, and the canvas little ikea bag (not v pretty, but still! its free=P)

So, I ❤ Ikea.

What I ❤ even more is! Ikea’s hot dogs! it is so good! Me and sissy are big fans of hot dogs. and I personally think that the Ikea hot dog is one of the best I’ve tasted. Simple, frill-less and lovely!

While eating, sister said: The one who invented Hotdogs deserves a Nobel prize!

I said: so does the one who invented Nuggets.


Then it was a debate that Hotdogs is indeed a better invention, as it can be eaten easily on the move, easily matched with various breads. ha. oh well. we are being silly!

Anyway. I ordered the $1.70 hotdog meal PLUS the ice-cream. All for me, myself and I.

So sis took the following pictures:

(i know I know, not looking my best. but its a sloppy Sunday!!)

Ha. Her Gluttonness Highness indeed. Bow people!! gwaffawss..

But sis DID steal some of my precious ice cream & dog!


Went out of my Gigahertz cliche yesterday.

This clique is made up of some legendary characters who I do not know how to start introducing them to you. They form the more intellectual side of my social circle. (oh. (One of them proposed to me jokingly. ha. so we are intellectual but crazy.)

With my normal university coursemates clique as the yardstick for being normal.

I like to have a good mix of friends!!=)

Bimbotic and chirpy and fluffy ones(and possibly the funniest, that is chenwei ha) are of course my 4 girls and a guy clique from secondary school. Meeting them later!! YAY!!


Christmas is a great time to catch up with friends!=)


I realised the foreigners among us, are having a goooood life man. We bumped into an incredible amount of friends along clarke quay. All foreigners. ha.

All I can say is that. Foreigners really know how to treat themselves well. Good food and good work.

I always believe in this. Good food is essential, especially to reward myself!

Hmm, but i must say.. some Singaporeans differ.

Like our dearest mum.. ha.

Oh well. anyway. I realised that i am coming down clarke quay rather often already. Am I a yuppie?!?!


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