The girl who laughed too much, too loud

December 20, 2006


Filed under: Updates — elyseeteo @ 2:07 am

Extremely sleepy today!!!

Did not sleep with AT ALL yesterday!

With all evenings filled up for this week, I really need good night sleeps 😥

Boohoohoo, help me!!

*reminds self to drink some DOM before I sleep today.

I so need the energy to go on!! ARGH!


So sad.

But! had a great evening out with Jancy=)

HA. I think one of the most stupid and ridiculous things I have done in my whole life is with this woman! and a couple of other cranky people haha.

Of course, I wouldn’t declare it out here. We still want our reputation=P wahahaa..

Tired. *Yawn

Maybe I cant sleep alone. Cause in the weekends I sleep with my sis, and I can sleep perfectly!!

I hate the rain. Au lieu de la neige, il pleut beaucoup ici pendant ‘l’hiver’. Il fait froid aussi! 26deg!! je mets le pull tous les jours. ha (Il fait 29-10deg d’habituellement=P)

Et je n’aime pas de ramener de la parapluie. =P

Oh also, yesterday was lunch with my most fashionable friend and my least fashionable friend. ha. so fun!

Going to deliver Mac’s surprise xmas cake later! yay!


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