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December 18, 2006

Jiaen and Clovers’ updates! Day 1

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I can only say one word.

This woman is really freaking white can?!?!

My mistake for accidentally missing out Jancy’s picture. So she get a freaking big one here!!=P


Last friday I met up with Mr YZ for my LOVELY clovers!

Really love him!! he got me four clovers. Of course one is still his, I’ve just kinda ‘adopted’ it.

And many thanks to him, as he went to hunt all over amsterdam for it=)


I really appreciate it.

This reminds me. I need to do some thanksgiving soon! so I think I haven’t been showing care and affection (????) and appreciation to some of my dear dear friends.

Will do my best to make some time to plan something!

But HEY! MOS invites are also my way to appreciate my friends? =P

Both to the one who gave me the tix and those I gave the tix too?=P

Anyway Anyway!

I think I’ve planted my own clover that I bought from Amsterdam the wrong way, so here, I am going to start from Day 1!!

My clover- Lets call it…hmmmmm…. Minnie Me?

Minnie Day 1
=P I hope Minnie is not dead!!

My adopted clover. Ha. Lets name it Flora! Fauna and Flora.

Flora Day 1


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