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December 14, 2006

Yozzy and other nerdy stuff+clover growing

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A short annoncement for those who are coming to MOS today=)

Call me when you are there ok? Will pass you the tickets then;)


As much as I hate to break some of your hearts….

The clover leaves pressed into keychains and other gift items are not really for me..

*cruelty to clovers!!*


Me like real ones! ones that I can grow and nuture.

So I really have to thank Mr YZ to bring some back for me from Amsterdam!!

I have one clover bulb with me which I bought from Amsterdam that last time I was there, that I can’t bare to plant.

So happily Mr Y is passing me more tomorrow! so happily I started watering my 4-leaved clover;)

I shall keep a diary of it. Ha. Just like it were to be my little baby=P

I do hope u grow!!

Maybe it might be dead by now?

A while til lunch time.

Hmm.. I realised, my blog is getting tooo… hmmm.. bimbotic?=P

So, to prevent people from thinking that I am a bimbotic piece of useless shit who whines about hair, makeup, heels and eye lashes.

Oh! for that matter, I curled my hair this morning, so it was not in its straight condition today. (cos I fell asleep with my hair semi-wet=() *whines~~


*chokes on bimbotism!*

Anyway! Perhaps I am sooo bimbotic that someone.. *cough*.. finds it embarassing to link me from his intellectually ladden blog. SO!

I can only flash the rare evidences of my intellects. (*blush* too shy to declare my IQ score. )

It is … ha. one of the proudest moments in my life! Please tolerate, cos I worked my ass off this. I actually wanted to pursue researching you know. oh well.

On the left;)

PADS is a multi conference with IEEE/ACM/SCS

I can’t find a SCS site.

Anyone who has the account with IEEE?


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