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December 13, 2006

Exhausted! AND my new look!

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Extremely exhausted!

Been working rather long hours.

Well. not very late. I dragged my butt to work at 7+am and rushed and rushed.

AND finally. its over!


Very proud of myself. *yawn* *stretch*


oh! I collected my sparkling new pair of glasses last thursday! and have been on glasses eversince!:P

Must be me growing lazy. Or due to the sheer amount of work.

I kind of like my new specs!

Plus specs is an excuse not to put on makeup, cos people just assumes that you are ugly because of the glasses!:P


And I had to warn all the people that I have met that, hey I am going to be very ugly hor…=P

Wahahaaa. 😉

Having a no-frills get up like this. Makes me feel plain.

which, I realised. is not necessary a bad thing.=)

I wore glasses and did not put on makeup. and wore a black polo tee (some stupid uni event’s polo tee, courtesy of sissy), AND my sister’s cheerleader like skirt, plus pony tail, out on Sunday for dinner with sis and mum.

I eventually got irritated by some citibank smrt visa promoter.

Apparently I really really look like a kiddo. humpf!

Firstly no one approached us. when there are so many promoters around. GRRR… do we look so….. hmmmm @#*@^$#&*@$?!??

Anyway. so we approached someone and asked about the card.

The guy emphasized that only principal card holders can apply.

AND seemingly afriad that I did not hear him well, he asked if I am a principal card holder.

So angry can!?!?!?!

It is one of the times when I really feel like squashing someone’s ego with my (#&^&%^&%# but I didn’t.

I just smiled and joked that my family are not friendly and caring to each other, hence we are all principle card holders.:P


See? I am nice.;)

But that guy is really courting trouble… triffling with some bigshot MA of citibank I have beside me.=P

Some news.

For students or those who like to pretend to be students, OR those who get mistaken to be students all the time (raises hands, ha)


Nan xiang has 30% off for students! great! Sis and me had a great time eating there;) (we secretly think that the xiaolongbaos at nanxiang is better than those at dingtaifeng!)


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