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December 7, 2006

Happy Feet! and THE cold

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Watched happy feet yesterday! With Vera, Alex and Jack=)


AND after the movie, while waiting at the traffic light, this adorable little girl (who watched happy feet too) started dancing like Mambo!

SOOOOOOoooo cute! And her dad joined in a little at the end!


The movie resonated with me and vera. Especially after this person commented to us that we were anti-social on saturday night.

Hmm.. just that we did not want to join in with the majority. It made us anti-social?

Like Happy Feet was ostracized because he ccouldn’t sing like the other penguins. and also because he loved to dance.

I couldn’t say I wasn’t affected at all by that comment. I wouldn’t be, if I do not really know the commentor. But in this case, I know him. so. Yup.

Hence, I asked some friends: Am I cold?

Me: u know someone kinda reprimanded me that i m too cold on sat. ha
Zuzu: u cold ??
Zuzu: cannot be la
Me: yah lor
Zuzu: cold n peihan just don’t sound right

Me: do u think that i m cold on e outside + warm inside OR warm on the outside+cold inside?
Shifu: why do you ask that question?
Shifu: I think you are generally warm on the inside, and can be warm on the outside.
Shifu: Outside depends pretty much on how close you are to a person, or how well you know a person.
Shifu: relax lar… you’re a great person. 🙂
Me: blah. does wonders for my self esteem:P

..and another person whom I don’t have the msn history….

My sis rolled her eyes when I asked her that question.

AND ha. I asked Chenwei the same question today, and she widened her eyes and asked:

Are you joking?!?!

She thinks I am not cold=)

I was so touched that some traces of tears came to my eyes.

*sigh* I love my friends lots lots!=)

And I promise that I will do my best to be here for you all=)



ARgh. getting emotional again.

Ha. I am the luckiest gal in the world!

(oh, *reminds self to be nicer to mommy*)

Having said all this, I will still take that comment as a feedback. Cos I believe certainly he has his reasons to say that.

Also. Please forgive me people. I am poor and have a bad memory. Birthdates are extremely difficult for me!!!!!! Sorry in advance if I forgot any of your birthdays!


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