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December 6, 2006

Pigging out, pictures & perverts

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Whoever who started the tradition of giving out christmas chocolaty cakes deserves a pat on the back!

We received complimentary food at the office quite frequently. This time its xmas cake! delicious!

Oh, I partially recovered from my disease *obesity*. ha. Happy happy. I can give myself some credit and pig out a little. =P

Happiness is…. fitting into a MNG skirt size 34, and realising that it doesn’t cling at your waist anymore~~~

wahaha. yeah yeah. am such a brag.

Someone said that I am not very humble. Ha. This I have to agree. But you see, after all my hard work, can I take some little credit pretty please?

some of my kids…

What a darling!~

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An absolutely cutesy gal who was sitting directly opposite us on Monday.
(I want children like this!!)

Chenwei and I had a session with Kenneth.

Wanted to blog about it. BUT. I have to complain about this thing that irked me.

So both me and Chenwei were wearing skirts. (I am almost 90% in skirts/dresses)

This REALLY disgusting man sitting at the table beside ours (except that our tables were separated by the glass pane, as he is sitting outdoors).

Fine that he kept turning over to look at us with this really pervertic look. This is already so irritating.

He actually BENT DOWN many many times to peek under our skirts can?!?!?!??!?!



Anger boils.

AND after us giving him angry glares, he still continued!

How atrocious!

What a LNR (lan nan ren)!

I hate I hate I hate men like this!!AH!


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