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December 4, 2006

This thing about pilots…

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Did some stuff this weekend. Including studying, interior designing, working for my ECA…

And also, met up with friends. The kindest Tim invited us to her home. Well, by the time I got there, the steamboat has finished.


Vera and me were distracted by the pasar malam hahahhaa… I actually wanted to get a Ramly burger, but a Ramly at 9pm would have been sucidal!

So, I had, instead, fishballs, coconut juice and some of vera’s wheel-like crackers. Those from my generation would very much recall them! Made me remember my primary school days again! Equally sinful as the Ramly burger. ha. oh man.

Someone said something. But I shall blog about it another day.

After raving reviews from Chenwei.

I watched about 15 mins of the pilot show last friday before bed time.

what happened on this particular episode is: This trainee pilot had a slight flu, and he was refused by his senior to be on the plane.

A moment back in time with an ex.


“Wah…. you very kua zhuang leh. You need to bring the whole tissue box meh?”

“Really quite sick..”

He edged forward, and I dodged.

“hey, I was sniffing all day long! You don’t want to be sick, do you?”

He gave his cutest expression with a pout, “I don’t care!”, and stole a peck on my lips.

and stole my heart.

I blushed. Looking away, not wanting him to see it.



He had a slight flu the following week.

Which caused him to perform not as well he wanted to in his G-force stimulator thingy (some pilot thing that I forgot its real name). He was such a perfectionist.

And its all my fault.

See? Women are nothing but trouble.

And men are nothing but trouble seekers=P

PS: I know you will be reading this, dear little pilot. Jia you oh!
The sky shall be yours=)


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