The girl who laughed too much, too loud

November 30, 2006


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Hiya hiya!

I wonder how are you all doing!

Me, am fine. It has been approximately a week since I had last touched my GMAT books!

But still. I am a proud outsourcee for some buggers around me who are applying for their lucrative banking jobs. Yes yes. There is an aptitude test before the interview, and I have been helping out in mostly verbal reasoning, and also numerical analytical skills. Yup.=)

But the people I have helped are very brillant people. so I am sure they will ace the interview, after being granted the invitation (upon passing the aptitude test). Hence I think, its ok lar.

In fact, I want to congratulate them here. Dun want to mention names. HEY, congrats for your high paying jobs man. ha.

and you, your 5-figured contract is waiting for your signature. Congrats!

The salary is making me tempted! But ha. No lar. Do not want to work for money anymore.

Think Passion. Passion…

Tonight, am going to see Immortality!!!

So sad that my musical Khaki, aka sissy, is very busy studying for her CFA.

SO, I had to look for a companion.:(

Not that the companion is 2nd choice. Its just that my sister is at the same level of appreciation as me. So it will be mega fun to discuss arty farty things about the music with her after the musical!

You see?

Besides, it will be a waste of money for my companion, if he/she does not like musicals in the first place! (I am ok to watch a movie any time!)

So, my point is still, musicals are meant for people who really appreciate. So that the blood and sweat shedded for the musical can be well justified.


Nervous and excited for Immortality!

After some lousy high-profiled musicals, I have to be more cautious with my choices=)

PS: that is why this musical-fanatic is not watching Nightingale/Jack and the Bean stalk!



Updates tomorrow!


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