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November 24, 2006

Progress check + Bimbotism

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Almost lunching!

There are soo soo many things I want to blog.

Images of my lovely kids are flashing through my brain constantly.

One thing I wanted to share since last week was:

My GMAT progress. Haven’t studied the Princeton books yet.

BUT I took the mock test again! (I practised some maths questions)

And woohoo… This time round, I am above the 90% percentile!

Happy. HAPPY!!!!!

My verbal dropped a little because I had to attend to some other things while doing my test. (or so I hope!) so I did not manage to finish, unfortunately.

But still! I improved!

I still have lotsa studying to do though!=)

Was reading my sister’s blog. It’s a quote from MP Mr Chiam See Tong :

” I have not received an invitation for the Prime Minister Rlaly during my six terms as an MP. Why is there a snub? to fulfil President S R Nathan’s vision of an inclusive society… Opposition MPs should ve treated in equal status as PAP MPs.”

Why the snub. Another question will be, why the parading of PAP’s flag during NDP, not the other parties’ flags?


Oh well. Let’s go bimbotic.

Last week was when everyone was wearing green! everyone= Me, chenwei, Chloe and the gal from the office next door.=P

Yeah yeah. but what’s wrong with being bimbotic? =P

HAHAHA. So guys, PS3 or Wii??=P

Kenneth did fortune telling for me at the end of the kids’ camp. Has been pondering on it eversince…

Oh. one thing that he did say was. It is not wise to be with men who I got to know this year. 😉 HA. True? … quite true, I think..

ha. well.

Do u all believe in fortune telling? using ba1ji4


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