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November 15, 2006

Kids stuff

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Will be mega busy from now on to next week!


On top of my gmat, penny and my vm.

I have…. *drums roll* kids camp coaching this weekend til next week!

5 days in a roll! 16 hours each. Woah. Gonna be quite crazy.

I am fearing for myself already.. how am I going to beat bouncing + jumpy kids in terms of energy level?!?!?

Ha. oh well. A challenge is a challenge.

Got to familiarize with all the stuff that we are teaching them. ( don’t tell yy, but I am rusty already! need revision.)

Hmm.. these are some things that I want to keep in mind, and perhaps if you are/will be handling kids in the future. this is what I think. (of course there are lotsa lotsa experienced coaches/a. coaches reading here)=)

First step: be their fiend….. erhmm.. *cough* I mean FRIEND.

No. Not what most of us will seem like. i.e. *adults*

Adults is the new 4-lettered word in the kids’ dictionary.

which is actually equivalent in their little heads to teachers or parents.

i.e. NOT friend material.

yesyes. kids are so mafan. wahahhaaa.. *JOKE JOKE*

I LUUUURRRRVVEEEE kids… *rubs hands evil-ly*

*slurps*…. ha.

ok, enough of crap.

now next, find out what makes them tick. what’s hot in the kiddy world.

yesyes, maple story. WHICH I don’t play. I am not a fan of computer games, I admit. oh well, except for neopets. ha.

A quick way is to check out the TV programs they have on kids central!

9:00 AM Ribert & Robert’s Wonderworld – Ribert Wants To Know About: Being Afraid Of The Dark
9:30 AM Barney & Friends Sr 800 – A World Of Friends
10:00 AM Chalkzone
10:30 AM Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III – Bishop’s Gambit
11:00 AM Adv Of The Gummi Bears V – Princess Problems / A Gummi Is A Gummi’s Best Friend
11:30 AM Cows & Crayons II – The Bovine Sense
12:00 PM Winx Club – The Monster And The Willow
12:30 PM Sesame Street Season 36 – Elmo And Zoe Claim A Ball
1:30 PM The Mole Sisters
2:00 PM Little Robots
2:30 PM Max & Ruby
3:00 PM Courage The Cowardly Dog
3:30 PM Mystery Hunters – Ice Mummies / Cryonics
4:00 PM My Little Pony
4:30 PM Bob The Builder Sr 12 – Sumsy And The Beast / Listen With Scrambler
5:00 PM Hi-5 Sr 8 – Family / Groups
5:30 PM Pokemon Sr 7 – Goin’ For A Spinda!
6:00 PM Power Rangers Wild Force – Soul Bird Salvation

Have to analyze this crap, for example. since my kids are 7-13 yrs old, Barney is probably out and UNcool (eliminating Barney is a piece of cake!).

Detailed analysis next time =)


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