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November 9, 2006

The weekend=)

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Met up with Jinling, Aaron, Jiawen, Max and Laurent. Delightful as usual=)
This time, the spotlight is on Laurent, cause this fellow sheep in the Libran flock is getting married!

And he even did up a wedding website! AWWW…. so sweet!!!

SO so so enviousable…..


Thats all. ha.


Oh oh.

Me, the fatso, ran 3.2km on Saturday with Chenwei.

well, this was BEFORE I realised that I am obese. so it was really just to exercise.

Anyway. Happy enough. I think I still can get gold for physical fitness.

Sad enough. I realised I have an injured right knee. BOO! so, no more high impact running again!

Must be that volley game back in secondary school times. THEN the volleyball games in JC. blah!

In addition, a rather heavy teenager(100+kg) fell on me during teenagers’ camp last March.

Missed a superb party on saturday!=( ha.

Am glad anyway that everyone had fun!=)

Had to do some housie thingys too. Hm.. will post up pictures of my new place soonest!!=)
*not mine. my parents’. Wish I could afford something like this soon!



So yesterday.

Chenwei has this theory.

Obesity is a disease. Is a sickness.

So well. I am ill.

And she thinks that I will recover soon.

I sure hope.

Oh. I woke up at 6am and ran some 2.4km – 3.2km this morning!=)

Very proud of me!=)


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