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November 3, 2006

Skin care: the french way =)

Filed under: Bimbotism — elyseeteo @ 6:55 am

This place lacks bimbotivity again!!=P

Girls only!!



This whole skin care webby made me blush blush blushed.

Men, you can go visit other sites with babes, while girls, come in here….

Its just skincare lar, my dear male readers.. you will not be interested. =P

Go away!!

Now ladies, let me help you navigate alittle, as the first page do not come in english. and does not have a link to the english site…

Click on ‘Passez au salon’ if you are sure you will not be offended. (by right you should be 35 and above) bleah.

Now you can click on ‘English’ at the bottom left corner for the english version.

For those who want to stay on the french one, can just click on the skin care products you are interested in…. and see the after effects…….

My personal favourite is the ‘Reversa UV creme eclaircissante anti-taches’.

Extremely yummy can!!!

Especially the oyster eating bit.. Those biceps are clearly shown through those tight sleeves….



This is my weekend gift to you all=P

Have a good weekend ahead!

I am extremely tired today. Did not sleep well at all yesterday ='( Hope to get more rest this weekend!

And study. and get stuff done.

Kinda tired tired. very tired and feel like having a short break again.

I realised that I tire out easily. hmm…


Something really funny. and with some truth to it……


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