The girl who laughed too much, too loud

October 31, 2006

Dependent women

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So far, am quite happy.

Enjoyed night safari thoroughly thoroughly.=) I wonder when will it be the next time I get to visit it again?

Surprisingly. The company was good. =)

Yesterday was a great day. Hm.. mainly because I FOUND the dress (that I am drooling at, and has been desperately searching for it everywhere in Singapore). I found it I found it!!

So happy!!!!

Alex was commenting that the dress is very ‘me’. But I would think that it is more Audrey Hepburn. =P

Had a fun time with Alex too. ha. With a shifu like him, xinfu I so am. ha. Though I secretly think that he is still secretly sore about what happened almost 10years ago. =P

Yes, I actually know him for so so long already.

Had some retail therapy yesterday.


It saddens me to see my friend in such a state.

I wonder why is a woman’s self esteem so dependent on how her prince charming views her.

She is gorgeous. Really. In my opinion. And I can’t be wrong when she has people ‘picking’ her up in the gym.etc. Fyi, I seldom think that people are gorgeous.

Why is she feeling so unattractive just because this guy is not responsive to her smses?

All the lousy emotions kept kicking in.

What about me?

I guess I wouldn’t feel lousy about myself due to an unresponsive guy.

But can’t help feeling disappointed…

Then I realised.

I am only a dependent xiao nu ren. who puts on a front all the time.

Now. Where’s my da nan ren?


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