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October 13, 2006

Birthday wishes with love

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From me!

Hmm.. there seems to be quite a number of librans around me. Happily.=)


Happy birthday to us,
Happy birthday to us,
Happy birthday to librans,
Happy birthday to us!

Happy birthday shoutouts go to:

Ah Tong!
Hope u are feeling better from your gastric flu. Was supposed to meet this man for lunch time celebration, but he fell ill.

The black sheep of us all. The root node. The lab guardian angel. The hard hard hair.

The absolutely individualistic woman. Ha.

who is going to get me into Fullerton:) oh he bought me ice-cream yesterday. luff it!

Ha. I remembered, u see?

is my client from

My vegetarian colleague. How is it even possible for a vegetarian to survive in our society full of delicious food??

We could almost be twins!

In somewhere far far away. Flying.

Some one from my secondary school.


Will add to this time as I recall.=)

Oh. and there are other things to celebrate about. LIKE:

Devil wears prada is going to have its TV series. You wouldn’t be too convinced if I were to say that I am not big fan? I am not a big fan (GOSH, which fashionista with self-pride who is familiar with Paris culture drinks starbucks? geez… we, audience, need more convincing than that! PLUS the devil is fat. I mean. what gives her the right to criticize? please get that woman an iGallop!). But I am all in for the visual effects and clothes! =)

Oh also.

We are having more proof that Micheal Jackson is not one of us, humans. Source

I am loving his heels though=)

Oh, so yesterday. Out of frustation. I started looking for my roots…=P

I had to try really lotsa pictures, because most of my pictures return no matches=(. I don’t look like anyone. boohoohoo. ha.

I managed to survive yesterday.

And the day ended with delicious ice-cream, with the courtesy of Paul=)

From gelatimisso. Mango was great. But Coconut sucks! Scoopz is soooo much better!

Anyway. Paul sent me this video.

Which he promised to be super interesting.

I’ve only watched 10mins. and I was already like…OMG.

Its 1hr 20mins approx. So you need your popcorn.

get yourself comfy. and here we go….


Have a great weekend.

I know I will!

I shall start by womanizing tonight! hahaha.. Going to drool at hot babes and celebrate our birthdays with a fellow libran. =P

Hooters! cause inner beauty is soooo overrated. wahahaha

(ok people i know my previous post is richly marinated with bimbotism.=) Thats why my blog trains your tolerance!) ha.


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