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October 12, 2006

Great hair, but

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A very tired Peihan.

So so so tired today! Cause I lost sleep yesterday.

The reason is really really stupid.

Don’t laugh.

I was so so so happy about my hair that I couldn’t sleep!

I can’t stop thinking about my hair and what to wear today. *faints* and I can’t help myself!

And I kept worrying that I am sleeping in the way that … presses on my precious hair, that I am a little too stressed and paranoid to sleep well.

*double faints*

and very tired today.

Headache. So the first time I reached for in the morning at the office is a good old can of caffeine-filled coke. (which I have not touched for like.. 4days?)

feeling much better, but still exhausted.

Am having lessons today til 10.30pm. I need help to stay up so late! and to concentrate.


I am such a weird person!

The story is as such: I tossed in my bed til 12.30am, and decided to drink some DOM. which effectively put me to sleep. But I woke up at 3am, and tossed til 5am. Then I decided to wake up to do essays til 6.30am, I decided to sleep. But I still couldn’t.

I told my bear my story, and he suggested that I should marry my hair, since I love my hair so much.

You know what?

Maybe I should.



One man. Is all it takes.

To transform 3 grown-up ladies into giggly teenage school girls.

Bumped into Merine and June on my way out of the office.

THEN. while walking through Borders. Merine exclaimed:

Tay Ping hui!

OMG. we turned and looked.


He is absolutely so so so so so so shuai can????

Tall. Tanned and Muscular.


what more could a girl want?

BRAINS??? well, lets just forget about brains and indugle in this hunky hunky man:P


AND AND while googling his picture (which are so rare???)

I chanced upon the fact that he was a General manager of an international franchise company before he was discovered by a producer.

We were contemplating to approach him. Me for a photo. Merine for a signature.

But we chickened out.


Regretting now.=P

Mac and Chenwei just don’t get it! They do not understand what’s the fuss abouot Pinghui. They prefer Qi yuwu. Seriously?!?!?!?!

And also. I saw this other picture from miyagi and Mr brown.

See? even 2 grown men can understand our fuss about Pinghui…=P

Why doesn’t Pinghui look so cute when he is frowning?

COS! Ren zhen (serious/concentrating hard) men are the cutest! *blush*


how old am I already?



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