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October 11, 2006

Grooming session today!

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Am looking forward to the grooming session today after work!

Have an appointment with Mac ong dearest to colour my hair. Will post picture tomorrow!

FINALLY after 1 year since the great disaster (the horrible colour job at Berlin + horrible perm+colour+straighten job at Shanghai). I am on my path to recovery.

I swear never to fool around with my hair ever again. the recovery actually need 1 year! and my hair is not even back to its previous glorious days! It is still bad and frizzy and damaged.

But still, it has improved since Mac cut off most of the bad parts a week ago.

Happy! is the word to use, when I feel my hair now. After 1 whole year of bad hair. 😥

You might think that I am exaggerating. But seriously anyone who has knowledge about hair will know that my hair is in a very disasterous state!

To think, I used to have good hair.

good hair that people will ask what shampoo do I use, etc. And girls will feel my hair and ask for hair tips.

And the birds and butterflies will fly around my hair. WAAHAHHAHAAA.. ok, I exaggerate.

The most unusual/uncomfortable compliment I got about my hair was. This guy actually ‘molested’ my hair. From behind. And I don’t even really know him!

ha. anyway. those were the yesterdays.

My hair is still bad bad now. I think I need one more year to groom it back.

AND. I can’t believe that I actually wrote that much about hair.

*bimbotivity strikes again!

I fell ill on Monday and had a MC. Stupid haze. Will you all stop it already, Indonesia! The haze is hitting me in different ways. My health. My indonesian investments. grrr. (Time to buy in Indonesian stocks my friends)

We need to invest in a huge fan, to blow the smoke back to them! HUMPF.

House hunting is taking up wayyyyy too much time for me!

But finally, there is direction, as we narrowed down our choices.

I have no choice but to put it as a priority. As we have already sold our house! gosh. else the family will have to camp on the streets.

I need to get it over and done with, before I can start with my normal workload. which is piling up like crazy…

I shudder when I think of the outstanding work I have to do.

HOWEVER, work is to be placed aside. for now. COZ

Its my birthday week:)

Play play play.

Things to do before my birthday is to:
-Get my hair done!
-Get my freaking wreaking driving license.

Some evil people are offering ‘rewards’ as incentives to get my license.

Like my family. the family said that they will be waiting for me at the car selling place after my test. To buy a car.

Like Jiajin. who will watch John tucker must die with me.


Any more rewards, anyone? =P


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