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October 5, 2006

Mad clash of outfits!

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Today, met Chenwei for lunch.

And then we realised our mad clash of outfits!

We are having more and more of the same items, that now we have to be careful when we are meeting each other. ha. for fear of looking like a funny girl group.=P

Girls, I am sure you have BFFs like that. And cause shopping is usually done together, the items purchased are highly likely to be the same. This happens even though me and chenwei have vastly differing tastes in clothes.

and men. *cough* WAHAH.. oops.

Isetan private sale came and went. I have Chenwei to thank again, avoiding the crowd.

Total damage: 3 shoes and 1 dress. Despite not being the mood to shop! *blush* I am in the mood for skin care products only!!

My frenchie boss was commenting that I really dress very well. That many girls would love to dress like me??? ha. Definitely not Chenwei, because she finds my taste too OL (office lady, i.e.: boring), and I find her taste too quirky(strange, i.e.:ugly).

And he also commented that I look like I spend alot on clothes. Hmmm…. not very true I think! Then again, kisses go out to my BFF for all the amazing exclusive discounts=)


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