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October 4, 2006

Where life brings us.

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I bumped into a very familiar face just now.

Sam is his name (some of you might know him).

Did I already mention that my secondary mates are almost all quite exciting? labelled as high flyers at a young age… One can’t help but wonder how far will each other go in life. Who will go the furthest?

Out of the many scholarship holders, and other many accomplishments. Sam’s story was a different one.

He was offered the prestigious SAF overseas scholarship after his ‘A’ levels. And he had to turn it down to stay in Singapore, after his NS. As unfortunately, his mum got 2nd stage cancer.

Now. He is in the same line as our(jul, cw, daf) dearest Charlie, financial advisor with HSBC, doing his part time degree with SIM.

I was shocked and sad to hear his story. Really years have passed since we last met. He was *cough* one of the good looking guys around in Secondary school.

And what I remembered him by was. We were awfully playful in Secondary school, despite coming from a nerdy school full of smarty pants. So once Yongwei broke his arm and got to wear this cool cast over his neck, supporting his arm.

So being playful adolescents, as we were, we started drawing graffiti on Yongwei’s bandage.

And okok. I must be really immatured and retarded. So I drew the largest and most prominent graffiti of them all. IN RED. “I have AIDS” screamed my graffiti.

Unfortunately, our discpline master, Mr Q, did not share the same sense of humour as us. So, he wanted all of us to go to his office.

And what Sam did was amazing. He whispered to me, saying that I do not need to go. He will cover for me. He said that since he is already in the hot soup, so there is no point for me to go.

Mr Q then asked who wrote the “I have AIDS” thingy (apparently he appreciated my art work most), and Sam admitted.

I was touched beyond words.

So this is Sam.

Yes, now we barely knew each other anymore. But this story is what I remembered him by.

Life leads us to different directions. Even a class so small. I reckon, we had around the same PSLE score.

You will never know where you will end up in, even though you got into EM1. Special Stream. Junior College.

No matter where you are now. You will not be there forever. However high up you are, or low you are. We will never know what life will offer next.

Embrace the beauty of life. Treasure those around.

That is the unpredictability of life.

I am glad that Sam is doing well. In the same line as Charlie.

His namecard even reads: Associate Manager.


I hope he is not thrashing the poor folks at SIM too much=P

BTW, don’t you think that the “I have AIDS” thingy is funny?????=D


Birthday please don’t come!!!!!!!!!!!

And since sis says its good, can I have this:Kodel (a vitamin brand) got antioxidants vitamin A,C,E plus some zinc please?



Since someone asked:

Pensons à l’avenir bébé

Sommes-nous juste entrain de prendre du bon temps ou quelque chose comme ça
Je redoute juste le moment où tu poseras ta tête sur mon épaule ou tu murmureras

Pensons à l’avenir bébé
Pensons à l’avenir
Pensons à l’avenir bébé

Tu es descendu faire les courses, tu fais toute petite vue d’ici
Je redoute juste le moment où tu pousseras la porte, ton sourire cloué pour m’annoncer

Pensons à l’avenir bébé
Pensons à l’avenir
Pensons à l’avenir bébé

C’est moi qui tend toujours le bras sur ce fichu réveille
Je redoute juste le matin où c’est toi qui l’éteindra, où je t’arracherai à ton sommeil

Pensons à l’avenir bébé
Pensons à l’avenir
Pensons à l’avenir bébé
Pensons à l’avenir

Je te regarde zappé et les chaînes défilé, rien ne peut arraché cette lumières de ton visage
Je redoute juste le moment où la télé va s’arrêter ou tu déchausseras tes lunettes avant de pleurnicher

Pensons à l’avenir bébé
Pensons à l’avenir
Pensons à l’avenir bébé
Pensons à l’avenir


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