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October 3, 2006

The weekend!

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Had a hectic hectic weekend. But fun, in fact, very very fun!

Starting from 6am on a Friday morning, I haven’t really stopped since=)

Dragged myself to Changi Airport, sent people off. And took the train to work. But I was too tired that I missed a couple of stops! Meaning that I moved to and fro Tanah Merah-> Expo -> Changi a couple of times. HA. Super blur and late for work. Some people’d better be touched!!!! GRR…

Friday night was at Kang kang’s house. Delicious BBQ food – courtesy of Ting, Mel and Kang. But we couldn’t get the fire up til around 9pm, I reckon.

SO, I played volleyball in the meantime. With Ting, versus Hao and Kang. Mei also joined for a while. It was super fun, I realized. It has been years since I played volley! Hmmm… 4 years has passed since I played volley. I lost all my ball control skills already, I think. =(

Plus, I’ve got 2 big bruises (15cm long) and many other small bruises from the game. Due to the hard ball. And also, my hands were no longer seasoned. Humpf, it used to be no sweat ok!?!?! (man, I sound like a really old person thinking about her younger days. HEH)

As someone sweet took pity on me, and massaged my arms on Saturday, he said: ‘Aiyo, you ar, still think that you are the volleyball queen is it?’ I am like WHAT THE HECK! Fine. Humpf. I think I can still play better than most bikini-cladded babes at Sentosa lor!&#%@#$

I do not need bruises to remind me that I am not the volleyballer that I was before. I have my waistline and flabs to remind me of that! Really got to slim down… ha. Yah very cliché for girls. But I really did gain quite a bit since I stopped playing competitive sports. Anyway, my eating habits and coke-drinking habit are not going to help. Bleah. Ok, maybe I do not really want to slim down that badly. Ha.

We played this strange and super fun game til wee-hours, and majong after that. Since I had to get up tomorrow by 7am, I reluctantly left at 4am. It was so fun that I did not want to leave! =P

Saturday morning, surprisingly, I had the energy to pull the day through. After work in the morning, and kids coach training in the afternoon, all was good and well. Super impressed by Tammy though. That girl is really really updated with possibly all gossips available. Ha!

Hee. Til next time. Oh my driving test is coming soon…*nervous* on the 14th Oct. Bless me please, you all…


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