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September 28, 2006

Wishing upon a star

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well well. someone gave me a surprise on Sunday, by driving by my house and depositing a be-earlied birthday present by my mail box!=)

oh, *big hug* to that special someone 😉 Really Mr JD, you don’t have to be so mysterious lor!

This reminded me that my birthday *grasp* is near. That means I am going to be old old old….in 2 weeks’ time. But hey, I am not growing old alone. Huihui, and BL and a couple of other librans like Mr Black Sheep are all going down the drain with me. wahaha..

This other person irritatingly reminded me that, we don’t suddenly become 1 year older on our birthdays. Its an everyday thing. humpf. thank you very much smart alec.

I know I am a difficult person. And I only like specific things. SO I still do you all the honour of presenting my wish list here. =P WHAHAHAA

very in love with myself indeed! I cant stand myself sometimes. HAHAH.

Most of the things that I really really want, would have been already acquired.But still. here’s the list 😛

1. Health supplements like Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, PrimRose, Iron. At any pharmacy.
2. Loreal hair mask for damaged hair. ha. Watsons.
3. Fasio mascara- 3D effects Curl long. Watsons.
4. Pumice stone. For my feet. Any manicure shops?
5. Topshop card. ha. as good as vouchers!
6. Garnier whitening moisturiser. Watsons and everywhere.

Ha. I think that will be all. I am a very practical person. ha.=)


Am feeling very JC now!

Will be having a very JC-ish night tomorrow. kang and ting will be preparing delicious BBQ. I am wondering should I play all through the night? But I have meetings on saturday morning, and have to reach the location by 8am. Gosh.

And after that, is lunch with Paul at Fullerton.

Plus Friday morning, I’ve got to crawl up early to go to the airport to send 2 buddies off.

Can I survive?

Should I go through this? I can always collapse after meeting Paul….

So ok! I will do it. ha.

YESYES. I like to play and work hard. Will rest later=) ha.



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