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September 27, 2006

Some life updates

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well. well.

Lotsa things are happening in my life. I do not know where to start!

Yesterday, I met Kloudiia for lunch, cos she has been bugging eagerly to meet my dearest stylist, Mac. So yesterday finally, we went! And she got her hair coloured. Another happy customer for Mac. Really feel quite bad about it, cos Mac is looking so tired… he’s getting paler and paler by the day(s).

We (me and chenwei) are all sooo dependent on him already! And he has so many loyal supporters that he hardly need any new customers. Haiz. perhaps age is really catching up on him..

Rach and Tim were at borders, so I sneaked out to drink something with them. Rach has a client to meet at starbucks.

After work, I met Elvis! ha. Probably the man who knows the biggest percentage of my ex-boyfriends.

And it was fun! Sorry R, this big man is leaving for Australia to fly this Friday, so I have to spend time with him. Besides its planned more than 1 week ago (just like most of my other appointments/ECAs/things to do).

Ok. I admit that I am a organised freak. Not tangible things, like my room. HAHAHHAAA.. more intangible stuff, like my time. I even plan my social calendar! yes yes. very plan-a-manic.

After devouring delicious korean food, Elvis and me went down to Mei di ya to check out the strange and cute things they have there. I happened to love that place alot, as it really feels like you are in Japan. AND unbelievably, Elvis is Mei di ya’s card holder! HA. this is so rare rare rare that someone appreciates Liang Court so much.

One thing I love about Mei di ya is, they actually have a mini children theatre, where they play Doremon (in Japanese) of course. This little cutie was watching the show. and when the music started to play, he got on his feet and dance around!!

Oh… I just melted on the spot!

soooo…. cuteewwww!

Oh, I like going out with Elvis. Other than treating me to good food, I came home with some weird Japanese drink, and some weird Japanese seaweed sesame thingy which he told me to sprinkle on my rice today (i forgot to bring it, will do tomorrow!).

4 sundays are burnt on househunting. which is extremely tiring. we were moving around like nomads. And also on GMAT.

Last saturday there was a talk by NTU-Cornell. Its the first time I saw Justin in a neat haircut! *impressed* ha. well-groomed men are cute! woke up in early early in the morning, ate with mum at her favourite wanton mee stall. Then we cabbed down to NTU to support sissy dearest in her business patenting competition. She won some best idea award. =)

Havent been to NTU for so long. so many things changed. Time and tide waits for no man indeed.

In midst of the competition, I went to do some work. my ECA. Yup, I have another purpose to be in NTU.

After which I flew down for the talk on an empty stomache. After the seminar, a hungry hungry person looked around in Raffles city for a quick bite before my meeting. And I almost got lost at the basement of Raffles city!

*sigh* singapore is changing too fast for me!! *cough* I cannot catch up! *cough*

Finished my meeting at almost 8pm. and I am still in NTU. had delicious dinner with sissy.

The Friday was also a crazy day. I dragged myself back with lotsa muscle ache from dragging my laptop everywhere. Watched Miami vice with Chris. Its Siemen’s company event, hence its free for me=P ha

It was my first time in years to watch a violent show like this. SO. when I dragged myself home at 1+am, my heart was still beating so quickly non-stop, that I had trouble sleeping (I woke up early the next day to go down to NTU).

Monday had a good time meeting up with Kloudiia and JL. JL is leaving on Friday too. so yup. the last dinner. =P A big thank you to darling Kloudiia who treated. =)


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