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September 22, 2006

My Homemade Jams!

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Ok, for 1 day of dwelling on the same subject.

I’ve decided to let the matter pass, and bless the happy couple=)

Besides, he is my friend. so technically, I am supposed to “stick up to him”? Like men stand up for each other, and lie for their buddies in front of the girlfriends?


not a very convincing argument.

But what the heck.

Let’s go back to JAMS!

I’ve learnt how to make jams in France=) ha.

First, wait for your kind neighbours/friends to provide you with the fruits. (yes! isn’t it nice? the countryside culture is so lovey dovey!) So many many fruits in a huge basket. Then try eating the delicious fruits til you couldn’t eat anymore.

THEN rubbing your already bursting tummy, think to yourself. Perhaps I should make jams with the remaining fruits!=P

or you could pick from your own garden! =P

Then, the hard work of deseeding.

And finally my Jams!

we have to turn it the other way round to let it settle, before it is ready=)

Looks delicious right? =P

Wahaha.. okok. I admit. the pictures are not very nicely taken. but still!

Will take more pictures again!


PS: for the record. if you people see my boyfriend remotely cheating. please kindly let me know=P


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