The girl who laughed too much, too loud

September 21, 2006


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Today started off as a happy day.

Had a fun threesome or even foursome… telephone session =) ha. And after that, a long negotiation session for our dear house.

Was so tired at the end. Oh well.

I am really grateful that my sister and me have the support and help of the nicest and kindest and most generous people around. * smiles *

Haiz. Feeling so blessed! =)

* big hug to the Lee family=P *

Then, as a morning ritual, I read my friends’ blogs to get my updates…

AND. I chanced upon the blog of this guy…

that guy… that fan-club-membership-offering guy that I mentioned in my previous post.

3 words are in my thoughts.

What a jerk!

I have always been a bad judge of character.

I do not know about other girls out there.

How can a guy who spends his spare time caring for kids, teaching them to love themselves, be a bad guy?

How can such a responsible person, who does most of the dirty jobs by himself voluntarily, be bad?

And someone who shows so much care for the people around him…

* sigh *

Things are not clear. And can never be.

Apparently there are good guys, and bad guys. But there are lots of assorted men with different mixtures of good and bad.

I am in a dilemma now.

Social responsibility and sisterhood VS friendship (?) and staying peaceful out of trouble.

Let me type out the whole sms conversation here. ( As I’ve only quote part of the conversation earlier. )

“oh.. Any new little female fans?” I asked.

He: “Haha… =p you ah…”

Me: “Am I qualified?? dear -his irritating cute nickname given by his adoring female fans- hahahahaa”

He:”Haha ya… I want to ask you to join too… Hee *wink”

Me: Haha. So who else is in e -his nickname- fan club?

He:Hm… Not alot actually. Girl A, girl B and girl C… =p haha i dun wan u to be in my -his nickname- fan club. I want you to be in my fan club :p

Me: That’s quite a lot of fans le lor. No exclusivity one. I dun want.. hahaha.. But any member benefits?;)

He: Got. Exclusive dinner and movie dates followed by lots of hugz. 😉 though i’m not sure if the lots of hugz is considered as benefits to u though…;)

Me: Really! Everyone gets that? U must be very busy then, you’ve already 3 lovely members le…

He: Of cos they dun get that girl! They are under the –nickname- fan club. You are in fan club only, no –nickname-. That’s why ya more special… 😉

Me: Really… who else is in with me leh?

He: Only you! =)

Me: hmm.. But how come suddenly offer me membership to ur FAN club after so many months no hear? (meaning after no contact for some months)

He: Hee… Wanted to offer you last time le… but lost my phone… =(

Me: Issit… Since when did u want to offer me le?

He: Since I first saw you! =)

Me: Ha. Really?Then how come wait so long leh?

He: Haiya… You are making me miss you even more… Tsk you…

Me: Huh? *innocent!* fan club only mar…

Well. I know I was being a little playful. But I did not mean harm ok?

Some of you told me that I was leading him on. But basically I was just curious about this funny character.

ANYWAY! The last time we saw each other was around 25th June.

AND turns out. From his blog. He has a girlfriend.

Yes. Currently. He blogged about her:

i’m really happy with i have now. And in fact i dun think i can really describe it well…
just keep it short and sweet.

And I hope you are the one I share my life with
And I wish that you could be the one I die with
And I pray in you’re the one I build my home with
I hope I love you all my life…

and i know i will…
because she is special. You really are…

This was on 2nd September.

THEN after our sms exchanged on 17th September…

He posted their pictures up on his blog on 18th September, under the title of “My Love”

a wonderful-ly sweet thing…

Captioned the picture.

I am sure by now. Quite a few of you already know who he is.

Let’s keep it underwraps first for now. I am really shocked beyond word.

I am not sure how to react.

Do I, should I inform the girlfriend about this?

She might be grateful, she might hate me? She might doubt me. She might prefer to be ignorant? He will probably hate me.

Or should I keep quiet?

And allow my conscience to eat me up from within? He is a good person, as a friend, after all. I do not stand to gain from telling.

* Heartache *


But what if I get retribution? My husband cheats and no one tells me? Perhaps I would rather not know if I were already married. But if he’s my boyfriend still, PLEASE tell me!

She looks so blissful, I hate to spoil that picture.

I am so tempted to post his picture here. Apparently he is in some ‘hottest hunk’ competition thingy.

I am so grossed out.

* vomits *

And I am still not doing anything yet. Whatever happened to sisterhood?!? I am such a coward.

I feel so loserish!


Faith in men is just plunging straight down.

I hate Jerks!


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