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September 14, 2006

Les Tournesols

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Since the weekend is here, I shall leave you all sweeties with a long long long long post! =) *hugs*

Have a great weekend ahead!

Les Tournesols

On my road trip.. (click to see the enlarged version of the pictures! and sorry for the lousy pictures. was too excited, and taken away~)

Hey, I think I’ve spotted something!

Is this what I think it is?!?!

Sunflower fields – a plenty!

Taking my breathe away~~~


Written yesterday.

Now with an extremely huge tummy.

Lunch was great!

We drove down for the Japanese buffet at Mirama, which was timely, as I only ate a banana for breakfast. So at lunch time, I was already voracious!

Well with that pricy price tag ( which is so worth it, for this special special day!=P), I was expecting a more opulent interior than the normal traditionally Japanese decor. Nevermind that almost all the waitresses can’t really speak english! (aren’t the IMF people here already? how do we face the world with foreign imported waitresses who can only speak chinese?Smiling is not enough you know?!?)

But all these were forgotten once I start devouring sashimis and chawamushis…. hehehe..

Also, I was too tempted by the Ebi tempuras and Ebi kurai (or is it Furai?) * so benignly delicious looking! * that I took some of those too. Hence worsening my already painful throat. *ouch*

Now, I barely want to drink or eat anything anymore. Its just way too too painful! Even though I drank salt water, as the last resort. It doesnt seem to work. boo. What a pain!

(1 more year to the end of the ball and chain!)

A blessing just happened again. HAHAHA…

Karl (may I address him as Karl?=P) is producing his own reality TV show Signé Chanel!

Am already a huge fan of Karl, I can’t wait to see it on our TVs. Though I think I have to get someone to download it for me…

Its pleasantly produced in french. so yah, I have more opportunity to retain my level in the language. =)


Sissy was telling me that she couldn’t load my blog at all!

Hmm.. anyone of you out there is experiencing the same errors? If so, I must really think of how to solve it. Email me yah,

and because of this, I have removed my background music. Really loved that song! Le chemin. Don’t you love it too? =P Kyo is very talented indeed!

Speaking of which, please do go catch Dick Lee’s Forbidden City!!! (its NOT Kit Chan’s musical, thank you very much) Kit Chan’s performance is excellent! But Dick Lee is the true star. Who else can write songs like he does?!?!??!

If you ask me, Forbidden City beats the Westside Story musical(bad music, bad storyline but good chereography) and Cabaret musical(very few good songs, bad storyline,amazing performance by Feixiang), AND Grease(good music, chereography is average, bad storyline). Hands down. Just my humble opinion.

Will dissect these musical another time! Meanwhile. Go watch Forbidden city! Very nice music, good story line, slightly above average stage decoration and costumes, amazing singers (well, except for Hossan Leong. is he still performing this time round?). I am just being honest! Else I risk my credibility!=P

I am sure Hossan is talented, in many many other ways.=)

Oh, one shout out to dear demoralised Justin!

who nagged in a very very manly way (I assure you) that I need to rest more. * smiles *

This intelligent man is spending his days (and youth) finding a cure to Pneumonia (right?).

Its worth it, cause…

One little step for Justin, is one big step for Mankind

haha.. oops.. *smiles*


Have a long due date planned this weekend.

To be precise, almost 4 years late…

是个新的开始? 还是个完整的结束?

Nothing can ever be clear…


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