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September 7, 2006

Lesbians? I think not!

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Had a great time yesterday laughing out loud with chenwei, at everything! haha

I am also not quite sure why is everything so funny! =P

Perhaps I am just born to be easily entertained and amused. And I am lucky to have found another equally easily amused friend =P HAHAHA. Thank god! *phew*

I absolutely have to meet chenwei often. AND sometimes even everyday. We miss each other often. And we need to spend time together!

We are just one step away from becoming lesbians! gosh! We are practically a couple.

But I know we will never be.

Why? you must be wondering.

Because! In the gym, ladies’ changing room. We will rather show our breasts to the whole world than to each other. HAHAHAHA… Yes, California fitness made us change at the locker room. It is prohibited to change in the toilets.

And as much as I like oogling at pretty ladies. which made me think that sometimes I could be a lesbian. But, I was so wrong. I am absolutely disgusted with some obnoxious ladies strutting around naked or with teeny g-strings or transculent undies. *vomits*

Seriously. Can’t you put on some clothes before you apply makeup? or blow your hair?


Made a mistake =( again.

Haiz. I hate to make mistakes. Especially when it concerns work! Grrr…


I think I know the source of my headaches already.

Its because my life is in a mess now. Priorities are not neat and nicely organised.

From here, all will be in crypto ok? So you can choose to read or not to read.

I know I should and need to delegate:
1 unit for FR
1 unit for J/K
5 units for GM
4 units for VM
0.5 units for MU
0.5 for YG
0.5 for INV

Each unit is 4 hours. And all commitments are weekly.

So effectively, I need 50hours.

But we only have 7days a week!

Lets say, I have 4hours each weekday (which is already very tiring!), and 12 hours each weekend. (which means no play for poor me!!=( )

I have 4*5+12*2=44hours. OMG. not enough time!!

Hmm.. so for the moment I will remove J/K. which will give me 46 hours. Ok, I still lack 2hours. this can be done easily.

So it will be
Monday: 0.5 VM unit & 0.5 GM unit & 0.1 INV unit
Tuesday: 1 unit for FR & 0.1 INV unit
Wednesday: 0.5 VM unit & 0.5 GM unit & 0.1 INV unit
Thursday: 1 GM unit & 0.1 INV unit
Friday: 1 VM unit
Saturday: 2 VM units & 0.5 MU unit + 0.5 YG unit
Sunday: 2+1 GM units & 0.1 INV unit

BUT no play? how about my grooming/self pampering sessions? How can I be such a mess?

What even happened to promising myself not to overstretch?

On the other hand. I have been really irresponsible for not devoting my hours into VM and MU. very very bad. The rest are still okie dokie relatively.

BUT BUT. I have been working long long hours, and even the weekends you know? So I am not that that bad right?

VM has the potential. So I must make the decision to allow it to grow or not.

4units of time…

YES. yes.

I think I want to do this.

*deep breath*

I am finally ready.

Bring it on!


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