The girl who laughed too much, too loud

September 6, 2006

Hickey? not mickey.

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Miraculously, a hickey-lookalike-rash appeared at this scandalous position.

Visible to the whole world.

GRRR…. why?!?!?!

I was gwaffering at Lianshu’s hickey (real one this time) some time back, and this is my retribution?!?! But seriously who in earth, above 21years old, will give/get a hickey?!?!

what’s its whole point?

A hickey, correct me if I am wrong, is just a playful thing to do, for young little teenager couples. Something to show to the world that we are together. For the girl, its to shout out to the world that “I am taken!” Similarly for the guy.

But its rarely pleasurable as it is? or I am wrong?

And in fact, it hurts a little teeny weeny bit, no? (oops! my secret is out!!= *blush* innocent young yesterdays)

So I have to cover up. doing my best now!



Very stressed recently.

Work can’t seem to stress me anymore. Its more the outside work stuff.

Responsibility is weighing down.

Parents’ finances.

Retirement funds for the old ones.

Insurance for the old ones.

Housing. Looking for a new house. Good price for current. Good rental for our condo. *headache*

My own finances.

My own insurance.


Plus, I have cultivated this new obsessive habit of checking the performance of my investments a few times a day!! hahaha… and hours calculating…and calculating….

Oh, by the way. just to show off a little bit. All investments are positive=) of course its just luck. I am expecting some to go down, hence the diversification. but anyway. this is good. all is good for now.

HA! I hope I am not going mad=P


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