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September 4, 2006

Entrepreneurs *sigh*

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Entrepreneurship remains something close to my heart. Til now.

I thought it has long left me, as I just sat back and basically do nothing about it.

Now that I started to think about what crap I have done in the past. ha. *sigh* all the memories kept flowing back.

I paused and let all the colourful images, and short movies of my past occupy my head…

It is a great feeling! Perhaps I will share more in my next post!

Chenwei smsed me to go to the Spirit of Enterprise to vote for 2 dear friends who were in there.

So happily I went, as I have completed most of my work last week, working like crazy. so work today is a b r e e z e~!

The first one I went was for my favourite ice-cream in the world! Scoopz!! Lurve it! I am a great fan. Seriously EVEN after trying the gelatos in italy (different cities somemore!) I must say. Scoopz is still my favourite. I wrote about it years ago when it was still named Springdear. A tear dropped down, as I read the interview of that uncle… *sigh* touched by his story. Chenwei helped in his branding too=) ha.

A surprise surprise. I could spot quite of few familiar names in there=) Ha. my friends never fail to surprise me!!!! I am so happy for everyone.

Just to name a few…

Junhong and aldric with their Mediafreaks

Rachit with his marketing guru thingy

AND haha.. my ex-magician partner. I was his magic assitant. and also a fairy to entertain (*cough* to cheat hearts of innocent children is more like it ;)) kids=P Mr Bottle =)

All very inspirational.

Suddenly got that urge again. Ha. Oops.

No lar. not for me for now. At least not for me to focus on, for now. =)

SO! Friends of mine, do me proud hor!! =P


I was telling Chenwei our peers are all so exciting.

Other than all the entrepreneurs.

Gek Hao is a freaking happening member of “Soul”! If you people watched the Channel U’s superband competition.

Jialong won some Lee Kuan Yew award for journalism.

Lifang is a news reporter.

So, I was telling Chenwei that we have to do something drastic, so that we will be mentioned over dinners and lunches. HAHAHA..

SO, how about being a nun? =P


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