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August 31, 2006

Busy busy at the country side!

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Hey all!

I am busy busy….

STALKING animals! hahaha…

so fun!!!!

SO I’ve decided to rope all of you into this countryside fun!=)

Ha, never thought I am actually still very attached to nature and the countryside! Used to like trekking when I was young, but has since stopped for years and years. Since then, I became a girl who can’t live without her heels and pretty shoes. HAHA.

Let this proud girl (who went cold turkey off heels for 2 weeks, haha) present a game for you all! Prize? hmmm… how about a pot of jam made by name? 😉

Ha, yup. I’ve learnt how to make jams le!! happy! more on it in my next post.

Play the “Spot the squirrel competition!”

I spent days following these adorable fluffy creatures!

BUT taking pictures of them are soooo difficult! but they are soooooo adorable!

So here’s how. save the pictures and circle the squrriels and send the pictures to me at

yup! GO! *judge’s decision is final!*

click to enlarge pictures!

Hugs and kisses to all my city buddies!*_~


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