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August 26, 2006

Why are we so like that?

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Hey all!

Yup yup, I was going to blog about my trip. But there is something on my mind that I would like to blog about.

Casually, I posed a question to elgin. Do you think that singaporeans lack depth of thought?

I thought perhaps this finance phd-er could give a refreshing view on this subject.

Singaporeans seem to be very ‘bochup’ when it comes to global affairs. He responded. Unlike in UK (where he lived for the past 6-7 years while studying in Imperial) where the people are passionate about current affairs, with the discussions and debates and coverages by the media, the interest that singaporeans take in world affairs pales in comparison. Hence, he thinks, london is really like a global city. But singaporeans are really lost in their little sunny island.

Curious for another point of view, I asked Loïc, this time a french. If the young français are interested in global affaires. And he said, only a minority of the young french are interested. As the majority, that do not further their studies in the écoles or universitaires, do not give a damn.

Perhaps its a natural phemonen for the young people to not care about global affaires after all.

But I think the Singaporeans that Elgin was referring to, are those highly(?) educated Singaporeans?

Actually, yes. I do agree with him to a certain extent. Even in France, people are passionate about global affairs. And whenever my mummy sees news like people demonstrating against some war, she will comment snugly that: those people really have nothing better to do hor. And! I used to agree with her.

I have friends who are totally ‘bochup’ when it comes to global affairs. To state more extreme examples, I have a friend who walks away whenever her boyfriend starts to talk about current affairs! And I do not blame her at all. I wasn’t really interested in current affairs. I found it boring. And hence I think I can identify with the Singaporean bochup syndrome (SBS, cause acronyms are fun! And very singaporean too;-) )

So. Why are we so like that?


Whatever we think doesn’t matter.

Singaporeans are bochup because no matter what their views are for their own local affairs, it doesn’t seem to carry weight. That’s well, at least not until recently when the government decided to encourage more people to speak up. I wonder if it is because people forgot how to?

Blissfully happy in peace and harmony

No matter what happens, or what we think, year after year, election after election, there’s still no significant change. Of course, in times of peace who in the right mind will waste their brain cells thinking about politics and wars in places far far away?

Singaporeans are generally happy with the country and political climate. (even though we are rated as unhappy. ha. ) so, what’s there to think about?

some shopping and good food anyone? 😛

we are teeny weeny

Yes yes. We are a small small country. And usually what happens in our country do not appear in the news of other countries (believe me, i’ve searched).

Our voices are not loud enough in the global arena. Especially when we do not have an army strong enough like the usa, france or italy, where they have the capacity to deploy troops to help keep peace in Lebanon.

Good for Chirac who finally decided to take the lead=)

… I am not finished with this post yet…

BUT I am off to more important things like….. (shall keep you all in suspense for abit!)


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