The girl who laughed too much, too loud

August 18, 2006

Reporting live from…..

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(a good hint where I am)


Couldnt been more excited!

On the plane.

It was my first time on a Middle eastern airline – Turkish airline, no less.

And what I really like is their pink cutlery! pink napkins. cups and everything. gosh, its so luxurious! haha.

When I was taking this picture, Erez tried to be funny qnd placed his beer over at my tray. He said, “This is to show your friends that you are having fun on the plane” ha. It was fun to have him on as a travelling buddy on this long 10+ hours flight, WITH children and babies crying, kicking my chair, etc. Couldn’t sleep much.

Plus *cough* he’s cute too! I am looking REALLY BAD at the end of the flight, so I decided to practise self-censor, cause I do not know how to photoshop!!!!!!!!! grrr.

Seriously how can someone look so fresh after a long tiring flight? Me, I didn’t dare to bring in ANY liquids, so, no makeup whatsoever. booo. hahaha.

Learnt quite abit from Erez, who happens to be from Israel. He is studying dentistry in Budapest (one of my favourite cities!). Why are there so many dentists around me?!?

A very thoughtful toilet. with a waterjet to make sure that you are really clean! ha. I like.

My first meal in Istanbul…

which wasn’t very suitable for my taste….

So someone smart tabao-ed mee goreng and gwee kway from Singapore and offered me some. A tear of gratitude dropped down silently, as I tucked in the only gwee kway in Istanbul.. HAHAH.

Elqin doesn’t only come with gwee kway, he has this box of treasure ensembled by his kind friend, he is on his way back to London to complete the last few months of his PHD in finance at Imperial.

That’s very thoughtful of his friend!

Anyway did not spend much time in Istanbul this time way, BUT will be back shortly after.=P

Til next time peeps! *Hugs and kisses*


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