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August 12, 2006

Do women have it easier?

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Do women have it easier?

Recently I was faced with questions of this nature. like whether its better to be a man or a woman.

Seriously off hand, I would prefer to be a woman. I have been a woman all my life, and I am still loving it! And enjoying every moment of my beautiful life. Hahaha.

But well. Being a woman genetically has its disadvantages. Having to deal with PMS (premenstrual syndrome), monthly discharge of blood and other hormonal stuff, on top of that bear the responsibility (and a significant amount of pain) of childbirth.

All these plus the fact that we are generally smaller in size, shorter, less strong.

Plus our appeal diminishes proportionally with our age! Ha:-D

however, sissy just educated me that we gals are more resistent to the effects of radioactive material. I know for a fact that we have a higher heat capacity than men, meaning we feel less cold than men.:-)

also, women intrinsically have higher G force tolerance than men! Ha. Hence making women more suitable to be a pilot. Don’t you wish you were a woman too?:-p

What Alvin said the other day is. Being a woman is better.

Women can pursue their own interest where men have to plan for the family. Perhaps this is only true for an asian family. A european couple will probably share the burden equally.

so anyway. Alex seemed to agree so too. With alvin stating examples of his ex-hwa chong married female classmates, doing things that they like, or working without needing the pay. It was hard to rebute his point.

some time ago. I had this boyfriend.

We were very happy and blissful together. Til our first disagreement.

it went like this:

(we were talking about the future. Ha. A favourite hobby amongst couples I suppose!)

He: yadda yadda. So I will be stationed in USA for work.

Me: what about me?

He: well, you come with me.

Me: hmm. then what do I do there?

He: You stay at home and wait for me?

He: You get paid just by staying home and doing nothing you know? isnt it great?

Me: ….

He: that is why I say. Being a XXXXX’s wife has to be understanding. really understanding lor.

Me: well its much more than being understanding. its about giving up yadda yadda..

After which I pondered about it myself. And I thought. I should not. and will not allow any other factors affect the relationship.

If its something within my means. I am willing to do it. I was determined.

Even now I firmly believe that the only thing that can hurt a relationship is Love alone. Love can make or break a relationship. The only reason I will give up a relationship is because I do not love anymore. simple.

Anyway, so. he started thinking that we are not suited to be together and he can’t give me what I need. I thought we could talk it over.

So. we met.

We were sitting quietly at the beach. Apart from each other. No one spoke.

I rested my head gently on his well-defined shoulder. He responded by wrapping his arm over me.

And I cuddled up close to him.

With a gentle peck on his cheek. I told him. I am ok with going overseas with you. I’ve thought about it. And I think I can occupy myself with cross-stitches or something. (haha)

I can cook (yes, unbelieveable but true, I like cooking *blush*), and wait for you to get back. And I can cook well=)

I’ve thought of what I could do when I am with you. In a isolated part of a foreign country. (yes, we won’t be living near the city)

I thought of doing some online businesses instead of my current job or my other dream jobs. which will be fun as well. Since I am well paid as a housewife, I need not worry about losing money nor having enough capital.

I could concentrate on bringing up my kids! which will be exciting, I heard myself saying.

Then I gave him the most adorable look I could muster. And earned myself a gentle kiss.

His face was full of love, and blissfulness again.. *sigh* I thought. This is so worth it.

Yes. yes.

I can be such a wuss at times!

We are no longer together anymore anyway.

My point being. A man’s career seems more important than a woman’s. In the (still) traditional asian society we live in.

Here is where a woman gives up her own dream to live the dream of her man.

Being a woman is really not so easy in today’s age. (will elaborate more next time=P)

So. which do you prefer to be? a man or a woman?


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