The girl who laughed too much, too loud

August 9, 2006

Updates time!

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First of all!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE everybody. Go watch helen the baby fox! Its so so so super nice!!


If you know about Helen Keller. This is exactly why the little fox was named Helen.

My heart melt for the little boy and the little fox. Their friendship so real. In fact, the little boy wanted to be like Helen’s teacher, to show the little fox the world.

He innocently carried helen around, feeling the flowers, water. etc.


Embarassing enough. I cried buckets. with jiajin beside me.


Plus the amazing scenery. Signz.

Can a story be more beautiful?

I feel like watching it a second time=P

AND i feel like learning how to skateboard! HAHA. Cause the little boy wanted to teach the little fox how to skateboard.

So I discussed with jiajin about the feasibility of me skateboarding over a nice lunch. haha.

Enough said. Go watch it! If u have no one to watch it with. You can always ask me!=P hahahhaa….

Yesterday nite!

Finally managed to meet up with Alex!

Ha. With elvin no less.

We had sushi. And then we were supposed to catch the movie ‘click’.

But I was too tired, so I went home and let the boys have some male bonding time.:)

BUT retribution came quick. when I got home, I just couldn’t find my keys!!

I smsed my parents who were busy karaoke-ing with their friends. My sister is at marina square. And I did not want to spoil the plans of any of my family members.

so I sat there and chit chatted with my secret agent from Hong kong. Hahaha. Until his phone ran out of credit!

Then I remembered my i-forgot-my-keys saviour, XF! Ha. He came down to rescue me the other time I forgot my keys!

But I first called vera, as I haven’t seen her for quite awhile. Then XF who happened to be busy protecting the residents of pasir ris. So me and vera went down to siglap for a drink, a chat, updating each other.


One night. I dreamt of a Falcon fighter plane doing a (i don’t know how many G) turn. The same scene from what I saw in NDP, except bigger and clearer. And I thought. How much training much that pilot have to do such a stunt.

Also impressed by the apache helicopters.

A very strange dream.

I was actually quite sure that someone dear to me was driving that plane….


Had a family-oriented weekend! Amongst all the nerve wrecking financial planning stuff!!

Dinner at our favourite place. Alexandre village. We were eating there since young!=)

Visited Grandpa. Hmmmm.. he is getting slimmer and slimmer by the day… =(


Met Jinling, Jiawen, Aaron and Max at Penny black.

To yak about jinling getting married.

It felt weird finally. when someone your age is getting married.

Its so surprising. And I did not know how to feel.

Its really a first. ha.

Speaking of which. they’ve bought a house too. A condo at Raintree, the one near Bukit timah hill.

with the car that aaron drives. etc. No wonder they need help from parents. As its never easy for young couples.

I wonder why, for me, I will not want to accept any help from my parents.

I wonder if its due to my ego or filial piety…. hmmm….


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