The girl who laughed too much, too loud

August 8, 2006


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OMG. why oh why is the google ads banner showing links to:

Meeting Women
Married Women
Men Cheating

??? So scandalous sounding ok?!?
Must be due to the Debate. Well.

Yesterday I was sabotaged upon to give an impromptu speech on whether I prefer to be a woman or a man.

And the stupid Justin (don’t think that I don’t know ok?!?!) laughed out loud. For the moment, my head was filled with this debate that I was having with Obnoxious man. Not good.

Will do better next time!:P

Speaking about commitments.

I am someone who view commitments very seriously. Once I commit to do something. I will do my very best to see it through. If I promise to meet up with you, I will meet up with you. Even though I might be crawling to meet you, due to fatigue etc. I am that committed.

So now. Whenever I am thinking committing myself, my time. I will hestitate. and consider all points of view. and other factors.

As I have limited time, and limited energy. So investing my time efficiently and effectively is very important to me. Hence the long decision making period before each significant commitment.

I know its something good for me. To speak publicly. But I wonder if it is a crucial skill for me right now.

Still pondering.

The same goes to committing my investments. =P havent done anything yet!

Oh people. I am on Digital Life today. on Straits Times (Le journal nationel de Singapour).=)

in a good mood today.

I want to watch Helen the movie soon!


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