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August 6, 2006

My Portfolio: Draft Two

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Draft two, cause after pondering, Draft one seems too conservative for the risk taker in me!=P

After the whole weekend, and the efforts put in to become a little more intelligent, financially that is.

SO. These is what I came up for myself. After cracking my head for 2 days in a row!

Investment-linked Insurance Products
Undecided which company. HSBC? Manulife? etc??
Bond fund (Fixed income fund)
Choosing/spreading between:
Franklin Templeton – Global Balanced Fund
First State Bridge
Lion Capital Global Bond Fund
Schroder Asian Bond Fund
Some very stable funds
DBS Shenton Thrift
OR (and?) Schroder Singapore Trust
Both are in the 10 years best performing.
Though DBS has a better Sharpe Ratio(1.28). (we dun care about violatility first) Its 10year annualised performance is 8.64.
And Schroder has a sharpe ratio of 1.14, It’s 10year annualised performance is 9.26.

Supplementary Portfolio
Greater China:
First State Regional China Fund**
HSBC Chinese Growth
Aberdeen Singapore Equity Fund
Lion Capital Korea Fund
Aberdeen Thailand Equity Fund**
Latin America
ABN AMRo Latin America Equity Fund

Should be spreaded amongst various sectors. (not enough to spread though!!)
eyeing Raffles holdings for now.

Core Portfolio
Mostly in Equity Fund:
Lion Capital Europe Bal-Euro**
Henderson European Prop Sec**
Fidelity Europeen Growth Fund
PRU Pan European Fund
-Asia Ex-Japan
Aberdeen Pacific Equity Fund
Franklin Templeton – Asian Equity Fund
-Global emerging markets
Aberdeen Global Emerging Markets Fund
AXA WM – Talents Fund
United International Growth Fund
-Global small caps (perhaps)
Shenton Globbal Advantage
-Emerging Europe
ABN AMRO Eastern Europe Equity Fund

Leaving US, and Japan out for now, after discussing.

*phew* that is alot alot of work!

AND lotsa reading and reading. calculating and analyzing.

I used to be someone who just lie back and let the men do all these stuff. Like chenwei. And I hate to think about stuff like these! I prefer to concentrate on my skin and clothes and shoes! and nails! (speaking of which, I’ve gotten my barbie doll french nails back again!)=)

Haiz, what to do! Forced by circumstances.

Proud of myself nevertheless!

And misc books and magazine


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