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August 4, 2006

The Debate

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I changed the title.

Is tonight.

I got to go off work early!

So today, let me comment on this “little debate” that I had.


Here we go!

So, Obnoxious man said:
… much of our dating, mating and social behaviour comes from the genetic programming we (prehistoric humans) received during our cave days.

Ever wonder why women are more choosy than men (Of course lah, the choosiness doesn’t apply when they have you or me as choices )?

It’s because the risk for them to get involved sexually is much higher (9 months of lost mobility), while the man can happily go around screwing other women.

And even though most women don’t consciously think of the dating game in such terms … their genes have this programmed … so they still act choosy.

In fact, most women cheat on their partners in their most fertile period! It’s because subconsciously, they are looking for a BETTER father for their children … than the lame-dummy-security-husbands they’ve currently chosen

My thoughts were:
oh, i so disagree with what Obnoxious man 1 said.

But well. I agree that women have to be more choosy. and choose while they still can. cause (1) age makes them less appealing, and what happens if they have chosen a jerk? (2) yes the 9mths thing.

And then of course also. after women have made their choice, they will stick through it. or at least, they are forced to do so with the babies and stuff.

so all in all, i think women are made for monogamy, and sadly, men are made for polygamy.

Life is so unfair!

Obnoxious man then said:

Ah J, didya know … that worldwide … over 10% of the people actually have different fathers than they think?

Women do cheat. Perhaps not at your age (maybe just a little bit for fun) … but most of the cheating happens around the desperate housewives age.


Because women need two different things

1. Socially, they need security. They need someone to provide house, food and comfort for them to live. The quintessential “nice guy”.

2. Evolution-wise, they need a super-strong mate. They need a man who’s genes are better than hers, so that their kids can survive whatever nature throws at them. The quintessential “jerk aka mr confidence”.

Unfortunately, most men in today’s society broadly fall into one of the two categories (except me and XF lah ).

Which all explains why women are always looking for “mr right” … he has to be charming & sweet enough to fulfill the “i need a nice guy” requirements … while he has to exhibit a little bit of cockiness & confidence to fulfill the “i desire someone naturally attractive” requirements

Most women aern’t lucky enough to find the right combo before marriage … so they end up living with mr nice … and being attracted to (and possibly cheating with) mr jerk.

So, my theory fits in nicely with the “two men” theory you suggested … just a little more scandalous (if read by 35 year old aunties still learning about blogging)

Well. Firstly, we recognize that fact that women are build to have one partner, for a life time.

Simple. what happens when a woman gets pregnant and gives birth? Her body undergoes a certain change. Making it perhaps undesireable to other men in general.

SO. what to do? she is stuck with child’s father.

Second. Woman gets so attached to their children that they will fight to the very end to provide a happy family to the child. Hence the lifelong bond with the husband.

Next. Sex. Sex bonds people like nothing can. As crude as it sounds. After a woman has sex with a man. Perhaps its some chemical reaction, or whatever it is. The woman will grow emotionally attached to the man. As a fellow woman binds love with sex. And it breaks my heart to admit that men (who should stay far far away from me) apparently do not work the same way (but some men managed to impress me! *winks* ).

Of course it might not be sex itself. It can be just that simple, perfect kiss, that binds 2 people.. I can’t even hold the hand of a man I don’t have that special feeling for!

SO. I think I can rest my case. *smiles*

Just because you men are polygamous (lotsa evidence to back this claim up), doesnt mean that you can use your view point to analyse us women ok? =P

*tearing now at a scene on the TV where 2 people finally decided to be together*

My monogamous heart beats for love and love alone.


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