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August 1, 2006

From their point of view

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From their point of view.

Today I overheard a group of ‘grown ups’ chatting.

I can’t help myself! But their conservation was so funny!!

As this lady started asking: so what is the blog thing ar?

The one beside her said: no idea.

The other lady shrugged her shoulders, saying: don’t know.

The guy friend amongst them spoke up: its a website where you put your comments.. can also invite people to come and make comments too.

*me stiffles a giggle*

lady 1: nowadays, on the newspapers always write blogger blogger, I also don’t know what they are talking about.

Lady 2: yah lor, and they kept saying come read my blog. I don’t even have time to do my own things, still want me to read your blog!

Then yadda yadda about friend’s daughter having an ‘e-diary’. funny though, all the while I thought that a blog comprises of an e-diary?

hahaha. Anyway. Lady 1 asked: so this blog. Need to pay or not?

the-only-man said: yes, I think so.

Lady 3 nodded: yah. I think have to pay. Then u will have your own address mar.

Then yadda yadda.. About singtel, starhub charging for page views or blogs. Can’t remember.

It is SOOO amusing!

This is what I call. A generation gap.

They are probably only 10years older. But sadly in Singapore where things are progressing so fast. I think 5 years of age difference is already a significant gap.


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