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July 30, 2006

A Great Date with a Cute Hunk.

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Had a wonderful Saturday. And I know today will be a great day too! watching Cabaret later with Sissy! YAY! My musical companion is back. So happy. happiest!

Feixiang is quite a star in broadway, but I haven’t had the opportunity to hear him sing live. so I am really looking forward!

Friday night, I went to pick up dad at the airport, straight after work. (yeah. worked late again) Funny though, now I am kind of numb towards working late. At least, I am happy with the things to look forward to! Like spending more thing with the man of my life! =P

HA. So. yesterday. Dad’s friend offered him tickets to the NDP Preview. Although I had a movie and dinner date with huihui, and sun and people. But I thought, dad will only be in Singapore for 1 month. So it will be better to be with dad for the evening, moreover mum and sis are not available.

Besides, what can be more fun than watching the NDP?!?!Plus its with DAD!! sorry people. I simply love to celebrate and cheer for no good reason. HAHA.

After which, I got home to freshen up before joining huihui, sun, grace and people for drinks. which was fun. They were all nice people.

Miss sun and huihui alot alot, now that we are not taking lessons together, we have less opportunities to crap together already.='( ha.


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